Toddler Earth Day Activities: Eco-friendly Ideas of 2023

Katharine Hayhoe
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Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach our youngest citizens the importance of taking care of the planet.

With so many fun and engaging activities out there, they can get in on the action with Toddler Earth Day Activities!

From playing with recyclables to creating art projects out of nature’s gifts, these toddler-friendly Earth Day activities are sure to help your little ones appreciate all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Let’s take a look at some easy ways for you and your tot to celebrate this special day while having plenty of fun along the way.

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor activity, your toddler will love learning how they can make a difference by protecting our environment!

Toddler Earth Day Activities

Planting A Garden

Earth Day is an amazing opportunity to get kids outside and learning about the wonders of nature! This year, plant a garden with your toddler that’s sure to be an experience they’ll never forget.

To start off, you’ll need some seeds — lots of them! Take your little one on a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood in search of tiny miracles.

They can explore flower beds, neighbors’ yards and local parks for potential plants. It will feel like discovering buried treasure when they finally find those special seeds.

Now it’s time to create a rich composting soil for their new seedlings by mixing together leaves, grass clippings, vegetable scraps and other organic materials found in nature.

Helping create this fertile ground will not only provide a sense of accomplishment, but also teach your child about sustainability and how we can all work together to protect our planet.

Planting a garden with your toddler has never been more fun or rewarding!

Toddler Earth Day Activities

Making Recycled Crafts

Let’s get started on making some fun, recycled crafts! We can reuse materials like old fabrics, paper, and plastic to create something new.

We can also build with cardboard and make all sorts of shapes and sizes. Upcycling is a great way to get creative and turn something old into something new.

These activities can help teach little ones about looking after the environment. They’ll have so much fun creating something from recycled materials and learning about the importance of reusing items.

Let’s get started making these recycled crafts and celebrating Earth Day!

Reusing Materials

Reusing materials is a great way to celebrate Earth Day with your little ones! It’s fun, creative and teaches them the importance of reducing waste. Plus, it’s energy saving!

When making recycled crafts with toddlers, there are so many possibilities – from turning egg cartons into flowers or using toilet paper rolls as binoculars. You can also use old newspapers or magazines for collages and let their imaginations run wild.

To make these activities even more special, you can take nature walks together and have them collect items like leaves and shells to incorporate in their art projects.

Getting crafty doesn’t need to be complicated either; all you need are some basic supplies such as cardboard boxes, scissors, glue and paint to get started.

The best part is that when they’re done creating something new out of something old, they’ll feel proud knowing they helped save the planet one piece at a time!

Building With Cardboard

Once the basics are covered, it’s time to get creative with cardboard. Upcycling materials like cardboard can be a great way to teach kids about recycling and reducing waste. Plus they can use their imaginations while building something new!

From making spaceships out of cereal boxes or dollhouses from shoe boxes, there’s no limit to what your little one can create using recycled cardboard. You’ll also need supplies such as scissors, glue, markers and paint for them to decorate their creations.

If you have an old shoebox on hand, why not let them turn it into a pirate ship? Or if you’re feeling extra crafty, you could cut up some large pieces of cardboard into shapes and help them build castles or robots – the possibilities are endless!

These activities will stimulate their minds and keep them entertained while helping the environment too! So grab some recycled materials and watch them explore their creativity today.


Upcycling is a great way to reduce waste and conserve energy while allowing your child’s creativity to shine.

Instead of throwing out an old shoebox, they can use it to make a pirate ship or castle! You don’t need much besides the cardboard itself – just some scissors, glue, markers and paint.

With these supplies, they’ll be able to transform their creation into something magical.

Encouraging upcycling also teaches kids about sustainability in a fun way.

They might not realize that by using recycling materials, they’re helping the environment too!

Plus there are so many possibilities when it comes to crafting with recycled items – from making robots out of cereal boxes to turning shoe boxes into dollhouses.

The next time you have some leftover cardboard laying around, why not turn it into a craft project?

It will stimulate your little one’s imagination while promoting environmental awareness at the same time.

Grab those supplies and get creative today!

Going On A Nature Walk

Now that you have gone through the process of making recycled crafts, it’s time to take your earth day celebration outside. Going on a nature walk is an exciting way for toddlers to explore their environment and learn more about conservation. As we head out into nature, let’s remember to be mindful of our surroundings, exploring wildlife and listening to birds in their natural habitat.

Here are five tips for having a fun and educational outdoor adventure:

  • Pack snacks and drinks – Keep everyone energized while they enjoy the fresh air!
  • Put together a scavenger hunt – Make things extra fun by encouraging kids to look for items like leaves, rocks or even bugs along the way.
  • Bring binoculars – Magnify the experience as children look at birds soaring high above them in the sky.
  • Instruct safety rules – Explain how important it is to stay close by and not touch animals without supervision from an adult.
  • Take pictures & collect specimens – Capture memories with photos or gather up some interesting finds such as pinecones or flowers.

After your little ones have explored all that nature has to offer, reward their efforts with something special when you get back home. Whether it be playing games indoors or eating treats outdoors, celebrate your child’s accomplishment with something truly memorable!

Doing An Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Doing an outdoor scavenger hunt is a great way to celebrate Earth Day with toddlers. It’s important to make sure the area you choose for the scavenger hunt is safe and appropriate, while still providing plenty of opportunities to explore.

This can include things like building a birdhouse, going on a hike, or even making observations about different plants and animals in nature. When setting up your scavenger hunt, be sure to provide age-appropriate activities that keep toddlers engaged, such as looking for specific colors, finding items from nature (such as rocks or leaves), counting objects, or collecting certain types of trash.

You can also use props to help liven up the activity – think magnifying glasses, binoculars, buckets, nets – anything that would get their imaginations running wild! Once all of the materials are gathered and ready for use, it’s time for adventure!

Explain what kind of things they should look out for during the search and encourage them to touch everything they come across. Letting them observe nature firsthand will help build their appreciation for our planet and its many wonders.

Creating Earth-Friendly Art Projects

Creating Earth-Friendly Art Projects is an exciting way to get toddlers involved in the spirit of Earth Day. It’s a great way to show them how they can help reduce waste, by making art supplies out of recyclable materials like cardboard, paper scraps and other items that you may already have around your house. You can use eco friendly toys as well for things like paintbrushes or rubber stamps.

When it comes to craft ideas with young children, there are so many possibilities! A simple collage made from recycled magazines or newspapers is always fun and easy for little ones to make.

Have a scavenger hunt around the home for interesting pieces of fabric, buttons, ribbons and more which can be used to create colorful works of art. If you’d rather not mess around with glue, try using natural elements instead such as leaves or flowers pressed between two sheets of wax paper.

Get creative when coming up with projects that will inspire toddlers in their Earth Day activities. Use vibrant colors that will attract their attention and keep them engaged while learning about being eco-friendly at the same time! Involve them in picking out the materials needed for each project and let their imaginations run wild till they come up with something special all on their own.


Earth Day is an important time to teach our children about the environment.

With these fun activities, we can show them how to help protect and preserve our planet for future generations.

By planting a garden, making recycled crafts, going on nature walks, doing outdoor scavenger hunts, and creating art projects from earth-friendly materials, toddlers can learn the importance of protecting Earth in ways that are both educational and enjoyable.

We owe it to ourselves and our kids to ensure they have a bright future—and there’s no better place to start than with Earth Day!