Solar Powered Fans – 18 Best Solar Powered Fans Ranked & Reviewed!

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If you are looking for best Solar Powered Fans, you are at the right place. We have put all of the effort and the countless hours in research for reviewing all Solar Powered fans in the market so that you can just ease in and buy the best which suit your needs.

Read this Ultimate Guide to Best Solar Powered Fans in 2019 to make your decision.

Importance of Solar Powered Fans

It is rightly said that save energy to save money. Nowadays it is very expensive to cool your home without raising the electricity bill. Similarly, for a reasonable and affordable lifestyle, electricity bill should be controlled, for this one important solution in the market is the solar-powered fans.

They are a convenient and comfortable source to save electricity, as they recharge easily with the gift of nature that is a renewable resource named sun. Similarly, the earth is richly gifted with the sunshine, therefore, these machines are effective to use.

Solar Powered Fans – A Green Trend

Previously it was used only in the distant areas where there is a shortage of electricity, but now it is becoming popular in the central areas also due to its benefits. Further, one more thing to notice is that these solar-powered fans also run through the normal power supply, so consequently, at day time they are operated through solar energy and at night through the solar energy stored in it, but if there is low storage in it then it can be made operational through the power supply.

Questions Before Buying Solar Powered Fans

Before buying the solar-powered fan, there are many doubts in mind such as

  • How many types of solar fans are in the market?
  • What are the features of solar-powered fans?
  • From which material they are made of?
  • Are they portable?
  • How long you can use these fans?
  • Are they worth buying?

Best Solar Powered Fans – 18 Brands Rank & Reviewed

Fortunately, to clear all your queries and answer all your questions, here is the list of best solar powered fans in 2019.

1. Western Harmonics 12 Inch High-Velocity Fan

western harmonic 12 inch high speed fan
Western Harmonics High-Velocity fan

This cool solar powered fan provides a great air movement and it can be placed in various positions to achieve the right angle. This fan is easy to use and medium in size, so there will be no issues in using it or placing it in small rooms or offices. On the other hand, this fan works amazingly in sunlight, saving you a lot of money.

Another important thing to mention about this particular solar-powered fan is that it is highly durable.

Reasons to Buy Western Harmonics:

  • Mountable in Various Positions
  • Brushless & Durable Motor with Long Life
  • Works Great on Sunlight

2. Ansee Multi-purpose Solar Cooling Fan

Multipurpose fan by Ansee
Ansee solar fan

Ansee solar table fan gives you the cooling effect for long hours with flexibility in adjusting it according to the wind. It is lightweight and easy to carry while traveling, camping, etc. Most importantly, it comes with the LED flashlight and torch specifically designed to protect the eyes, helps you to use it for study as well.

Moreover, the best thing about this fan is that it can be charged with both sunlight and electric supply.

Reasons to buy Ansee:

  • Adjustable Fan with Eye-care LED light
  • Two Batteries with Convertible AC/DC Power
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Small and Portable

3. Cowin Solar Fan with multiple accessories

Cowin Solar Fan with accessories
Cowin solar fan

YINGLI SOLAR stand fan is a quality assured and highly durable solar-powered fan. The cooling effect can be obtained by charging it with sunlight and thus saving the electricity. The batteries are compatible with charging at both AC and DC power.

Further, the best part of the battery is its protection from overcharge and discharge. The fan comes with an additional LED light to use this product at night as well. 

This product is lightweight and can easily be placed in rooms and offices.

Reasons to buy Cowin Solar Fan:

  • Solar Fan with LED Light
  • Desirable Speed Adjustments
  • Suitable for AC/DC supply
  • Protection of Batteries

4. Portable 19.7 inch SUNLAR Ceiling Solar Powered Fan

SUNLAR solar fan

SUNLAR manufactured ceiling solar powered fan is lightweight and longlasting. The fan can be easily charged in sunlight and works even with saved solar energy in case if there is sunlight shortage. Specifically designed with a plastic body and laminated wires as a result to prevent short circuits. The lightweight fan can be shifted anywhere with ease.

Reason to buy SUNLAR:

  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Heavy-duty and Durable
  • Protects from Short Circuits

5. Attic Ventilator 25W Capacity Eco-Worthy Solar Powered Fan

Attic fan by ECO worthy
Eco worthy solar fan

The gable roof solar powered fan is a longlasting cooling fan with adjustable angles. The air movement from this attic fan gives you the cooling effect decreasing the use of air conditioners. The panel is also foldable and can be adjusted to gain maximum efficiency. The fan is small, lightweight and has the capacity to run at low voltage also.

However, the best feature lies in the brushless motor technology giving you a peaceful environment.

Reasons to buy Gable Attic Solar Powered Fans:

  • Operational at low voltage
  • Foldable solar panel
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Mountable brackets of fan

6. Hereta Multipurpose Outdoor Friendly Solar Fan with Accessories

Hereta multipurpose fan with accessories
Hereta solar fan

Fresh air cooling solar powered fan by Hereta provides you the best air movement for the longest hours. The package not only has a fan but in addition has multiple features such as radio, Mp3, LED torch, and a charging port.

This fan is small in size, easy to use and best is that it can work for a continuous 7 hours. The fan works best in sunlight with 2 batteries saving the electricity as well as money.

The torch is made of 26 LED light providing you with sufficient light consistently for 9 hours.

Reasons to buy Hereta Solar Powered Fans:

  • Works best with sunlight
  • Save electricity and expenditure
  • Multiple features and accessories
  • Longlasting, durable and resistant

7. Convertible AC/DC Solar Fan with Solar Panel

hanging fan by MANANASUN
Ceiling Solar Powered Fan

This ceiling solar powered fan gives the best cooling effect in a large amount of surface area. It is not only a money saver but a product with energy conservation or durability giving the confidence to buy it.

Moreover, the fan is operational at both DC and AC power during day and night respectively. The heavy airflow from the fan is because it is made from high graded pure iron.

Reasons to Buy the Convertible Solar Powered Fans:

  • Rust resistant
  • Energy conserver
  • Compatible AC/DC motors
  • Heavy airflow
  • Corrosion-resistant

8. Attic exhaust Solar Roof Fan by iLiving

iLiving attic solar powered fan with exhaust
iLiving Solar Fan

iLiving roof attic exhaust fan is a smart, thermostat controllable fan that comes with 15 years warranty. The solar panel has an adjustable feature to fix it accordingly at different angles as desired. The motor of the fan is waterproof and made with brushless technology.

The convertible AC/DC mode switch can be attached to this fan making it use at different powers also. Above all, The fan can be fixed in your attic region with heavy airflow in that area.

Reasons to buy iLiving:

  • Adjustable solar panel
  • Prevents shortcircuit
  • Thermostat controllable
  • Waterproof motor
  • Brushless technology

9. Multi-Functional Portable Solar Fan by Bicycle

Bicycle solar fan for summers
Bicycle Solar Fan

A high quality portable mini fan designed with fixed LED flashlight. The cooling effect can be obtained by running it on any energy source whether electric current or sunlight. Lightweight and easy to handle fan can be used when there is a shortage of electricity, while camping, in offices and many more.

In addition, the fan and the light both have the adjustability feature at different angles. This miniature is best for hiking with consistent working for 8 hours.

Reasons to Buy Portable Solar Fan:

  • Works at low voltage
  • Easy to carry
  • Fan with LED light
  • Adjustable angles
  • Persistent in outcome

10. Natural Light 36W Attic Solar Powered Fan

efficient Natural Light solar powered fan for attic area
Natural Light Solar Fan

Best, worth buying and industry-leading solar powered fan for attic region which comes most importantly with 25 years of warranty. It doesn’t require any wiring but installed easily by fixing. It can be thermostat assisted so that it can be used in both kinds of weather. Made from pure glass, stainless steel and aluminum material it is very durable. The solar panel with the fan can be mounted at different angles with heavy airflow.

Reasons to Buy Natural Light:

  • Mounted without Wires
  • Thermostat Convertible Feature
  • Heavy Air Movement
  • Made from High-Class Material

11. Brightwatts Metal made Premium Solar Gable Attic Fan

Brightwatts solar gable attic fan
Brightwatts Solar Fan

Solar fan specifically designed for gable attic area. The best part of this fan is its cool air delivering capacity because of its made with galvanized steel. This heavy-duty power fan has a built-in thermostat. The fan has no wiring system and can be mounted easily and quickly.

However, it slightly weighs heavy but when fixed it gives the best results with high-efficiency blades.

Reasons to Buy BrightWatts:

  • Good venting capacity
  • High impact blades
  • Protects from heat and moisture
  • Wireless
  • Easy installation

12. Multipurpose 5W Ventilator Solar Powered Fan

specific solar ventilator fan for ventilation and cooling
Ventilator Solar Fan

The cool air provided by this Solar powered fan is a very lightweight fan that is used for various purposes. The small size of this fan makes it suitable to use it in offices, pets aeration, touring, car, etc.

The fan saves your money and electricity by working best in the presence of sunlight and gives heavy airflow. The solar panel is flexible to be used and the fan is made up of iron.

The fan is not waterproof but it is laminated therefore it prevents the fan as well as the short circuits circumstances.

Reasons to Buy Multipurpose Ventilator:

  • small size and portable
  • Made from pure iron
  • High ventilation
  • Best work in sunlight
  • Laminated body
  • Rust resistant

13. Adjustable 15W Attic Solar Fan with the Solar Panel by HQST

HQST solar powered fan for attic region
HQST Solar Fan

HQST attic solar powered fan is adjustable and can be mounted at the attic roof. It is laminated to make it waterproof. This all in one unit has brushless motor technology and thus keeps your attic area cool and moisture-free.

Further, it is easy to install, assisted by thermostat and rust-resistant because it is made from pure aluminum. Above all, the best feature is heavy airflow with a low electricity bill.

Reasons to Buy HQST:

  • Rust Resistant
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • DC Brushless Motor
  • Thermostat Assisted
  • Low Electricity Bill

14. Outdoor Portable 3W Solar Powered Fan by Vbestlife

Vbestlife portable solar powered fan
Vbestlife Solar Fan

Portable mini solar powered fan manufactured by Vbestlife that provides the cool air anywhere while outdoor e.g. camping, fishing, etc. This is easy to carry fan has multiple accessories with it in addition to its waterproof construction. The fan is both operational with sunlight charging and electricity.

So, this lightweight fan and heavy appliances can simultaneously be run on the same solar panel provided in the package. 

Reasons to Buy VBestLife:

  • Made from Inert Silicon Crystals
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Carry
  • Both AC/DC Power
  • Works Best in Sunlight

15. Auto Cool Multipurpose YINGLI SOLAR Solar Fan with Solar Panel

YINGLI SOLAR cooling solar powered fan

Small and easy to carry fan that can be placed anywhere on the office table, camping and in outdoor activities. It contains an LED light along with the speed adjustment modes of the fan. The fan can be charged by both AC/DC power by the solar panel and electric supply.

Further, the best feature is the protection of battery in case of overcharge and discharge. Above all, the 27 pieces of LED light also have adjustable modes. The 14.6 pounds fan is easy to carry and worth buying.

Reasons to Buy YINGLI Solar Fans:

  • Durable Motor
  • Fan Along with Additional LED
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • AC/DC Charging Capability

16. 8W Solar Attic Fan by Rand Solar

Rand attic solar powered fan for summer
Rand Attic Solar Fan

Solar powered fan for roof attic ventilation is manufactured by Rand Solar. It always runs with the sunlight, if the sunlight is at the peak it runs very speedily. It keeps the electricity bill very low, and also covers the budget spent on it, keeping the environment very cool. Moreover, it can be installed easily and gives the airflow up to several feet. In addition to that, it has a brushless motor technology, which came with a battery and batteryless versions.

The fan doesn’t contain any cable and just mounted at the roof itself as it is a built-in unit. It also decreases the moisture in the attic area.

Reasons to Buy Rand Attic Solar Fan:

  • Current Resistant Plastic Body
  • Heat Resistant
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Works Best in Sunlight
  • Brushless Motor

17. Waterproof 10W Solar Powered Fan by Globefan

Globefan waterproof solar powered fan
Globefan Solar Fan

Globefan brand manufactured the waterproof solar powered fan. It is best to fit in the greenhouse room and for pet aeration. The fan works best in sunlight and came with a cable to attach the fan with the solar panel. Further, the fan has the dual quality to vent in and exhaust out the air. Both the solar panel and fan is waterproof from rain and washes. Full sun is required to operate the fan so, it doesn’t work in case of cloudy weather.

Reasons to Buy Globefan:

  • Works Amazingly in Sunlight
  • Vent In and Exhaust Out Feature
  • Waterproof Lamination
  • Washable

18. Metal blade-High Velocity by Geek Aire with High Battery Time

Geek Aire metal solar powered fan
Geek Aire Solar Fan

High-velocity floor solar powered fan manufactured by Geek Aire brand is one of the best in our collection of Solar Powered Fans. It is run by a lithium-ion battery that can charge in 5 hours and can run up to 24 hours. The fan blade is made with pure metals. In addition to that, it is water-resistant and has a brushless DC motor in it.

The package contains a power bank to charge the fan and mobile phones or any digital devices. Likewise, the angles are adjustable and it contains the LED battery as well.

Reasons to Buy Geek Aire Solar Powered Fans:

  • Fast Charging as Well as Running Time
  • Made from Pure Metal
  • Water-Resistant
  • Multiple Accessories in the Package
  • Adjustable Angles

Conclusion – Final Advice on Buying Solar Powered Fans

To sum up, many solar powered fans are enlisted above for your convenience. Look at their features and select the one that best suits you. Some fans are multifunctional and some are multi-purpose. Similarly, make sure that when you are buying, it should have the AC backup so that in case if there is no sunlight, still it can be used.

In addition to that, if you are looking for an attic fan, look for one that covers your entire area. Further, all the above listed 19 best solar powered fans are described in detail so that you can choose it according to your taste and enjoy its sustainability for a long time.

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