Solar Flood Light – 15 Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights Reviewed in 2019!

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Are you looking for the Best Solar Flood Lights to buy? Then worry no more, we have not only shared the best outdoor solar flood lights in this article, but we have gone in specific details of each solar flood light listed as well.

In this Ultimate Guide on Solar Flood Lights, you will learn everything you need to know before buying the solar flood light for yourself.


1. LITOM Waterproof Solar Flood Lights

LOTIM manufactured solar lights fro bright illimination
LOTIM Solar Flood Lights

High powered LED lights manufactured by the leading brand of solar lights. It is designed in order to give light within a wide range, that increases the illumination in that area. This solar flood light absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity.

The light absorbed in the daytime is utilized at night time when any motion is detected by the sensors. It can be placed anywhere on front doors, backyard, porch, etc.

Reasons to Buy LOTIM Solar Flood Lights:

  • Long life span
  • Waterproof
  • High power
  • Wide range of lightening
  • Security sensors
  • Three convenient modes

2. ZOOKKI Outdoor Wireless Solar Flood Lights

zookki outdoor lights for security
Zookki Outdoor Lights

It is an outdoor solar powered wall light that mounts on the wall within no time with screws and activated with the key pin given. This wireless light absorbs the sunlight to be operational and is very sensitive towards the detection with its motion sensors.

It can sense up to 26 feet distance and at different angles. It is made from the high-grade material to protect it from weatherly changes.

Reasons to Buy Zookki Outdoor Lights:

  • Easy to install
  • Broad range illumination
  • Weather-resistant
  • Detection from a far distance
  • Highly active sensory motions
  • Automatic on-off switch

3. LED Solar Flood Lights by Sunforce

Sunforce solar flood lights with 3 directional brightness
Sunforce Solar Light

It is triple-headed solar flood lights by Sunforce. It gives maximum light coverage by moving at different positions, downwards, upwards and horizontally. It can be mounted at anywhere with very high range of detection.

It does not require a high intensity of sunlight, but it charges at all the day time without any interruption.

Reasons to Buy Sunforce Solar Light:

  • Triple headed
  • Broad range coverage
  • High security at different angles
  • Wireless and adjustable
  • Weather-resistant

4. Avaspot High-Quality Lights for Outdoor Wall

Avaspot solar light for garden security
Avaspot Solar Light

Cost-effective solar flood lights developed by Avaspot with 2 lights in the same package to give maximum brightness. With the sensing angle up to 120 degrees and detection up to 26 feet, it makes it worth buying.

The lights are easy to install with long working hours without charging. it is suitable to mount it anywhere in apartments, backyards, etc with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Reasons to Buy Avaspot Solar Light:

  • Highly waterproof
  • Easy installation
  • High-quality sensors
  • Cost-effective
  • Adjustable at broad angles
  • Mountable accessories

5. Weatherproof Solar Lights by SunBonar

SunBonar solar flood lights with solar panel
SunBonar Solar Flood Lights

A customer-friendly product manufactured by SunBonar. It is easy to handle solar flood lights that can be installed for 3 different purposes. It can be mounted at the wall, can be fixed at the ground, and mounted at the pole as well.

It is highly weather-resistant and made up of very pure aluminum that prevents it from any degradation.

Reasons to Buy SunBonar Solar Flood Lights:

  • Long-lasting
  • Highly bright LEDs
  • Sturdy
  • Both indoor and outdoor
  • Aided with mountable accessories

6. Magellen Solar Lights with Remote Control

Magellen remote control light with solar panel
Magellen Remote Control Light

Magellen Intelligent technology company makes LED lights covered with aluminum alloy. Sunlight charges it within 4-6 hours and makes it operational for long time usage.

It is mountable and comes with remote control for convenient on-off switching. It can be placed anywhere in the garden, streets, lawns, backyards, etc.

Reasons to Buy Magellen Remote Control Light:

  • Super bright
  • Reusable
  • Longlasting
  • Easy to install
  • Works best with sunlight
  • Resistant to weather

7. Zhongshan Waterproof LED Solar Lights

Zhongshan waterproof light for best security
Zhongshan Waterproof Light

It is an outdoor LED light packaged with a remote control manufactured by Zhongshan lightening company. It is a solar flood light that is waterproof with different powers capacity.

It is made up of plastic body and can be fixed anywhere in streets, garden, etc. It has long-life battery available with the mounting kit to fix this light that works best in sunlight power.

Reasons to Buy Zhongshan Waterproof Light:

  • Sunlight control
  • Easy to mount
  • Remote assisted
  • Reusable
  • Cold light source
  • Long life span
  • Run for many hours

8. Security Sensor LED Lights by LEPOWER

LEPOWER solar flood lights that are sensor lights
LEPOWER Sensor Light

Outdoor solar lights built by LEPOWER brand. It is an adjustable headlight used in high-end security. It is operational in two modes, one is automatic and one is permanent.

It is an environmental-friendly product that doesn’t need any electricity. Highly sensitive in the detection of the motion caught in it. Made with high quality and weather-resistant properties.

Reasons to Buy LEPOWER Sensor Light:

  • Energy saving
  • Waterproof
  • Highly sensitive
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Adjustable manufacturing
  • Consistent

9. Yangzhou Outdoor Lights for the Village

Yangzhou smart light that is solar flood lights
Yangzhou Smart Light

It is a village street light made up of aluminum alloy, high-quality steel manufactured by Yangzhou company. The solar controller is highly intelligent with 5-10 years of life span. The solar controller protects the light from overcharging and discharging. The lights have the property to switch on-off automatically. It is highly recommended to use as it works in extreme weather conditions also.

Reasons to Buy Yangzhou Smart Light:

  • High transmittance
  • High density
  • Excellent fittings
  • Resistant to wind
  • High brightness
  • Best light sensors

10. Zhongshan LED Solar Flood Lights

LED lights manufactured by zhongshan brand
Zhongshan Outdoor Lights

An outdoor LED lights available in different powers. These lights are best for streets as they have very high-quality sensors. The lamp body is made up of aluminum alloy suitable for parks, factories, and gardens.

Similarly, these solar flood lights are suitable for lifetime once installed saving you a lot of money.

Reasons to Buy Zhongshan Outdoor Lights:

  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Long battery timings
  • Solar panel charging free of cost
  • High lumen chip
  • Weather-resistant

11. Hangzhou Remote Control Street Lights

Hangzhou solar light with remote control
Hangzhou Solar Light

All in one solar flood lights packaged with motion sensors and remote control. The lamp body is made up of plastic material. The light is durable and have adjustable angle property making it worth buying. It is heavy-duty power light with weather-resistant characteristics.

This light can be fixed anywhere on walls, gardens, farms, campuses, etc. It has an automatic sensor that shuts off during the day and turns on at night.

Reasons to Buy Hangzhou Solar Light:

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Rustproof
  • Waterproof
  • Aluminum casing
  • No wiring required
  • Auto charge during the day
  • Motion detector
  • Increased brightness with motion

12. Westinghouse Solar Lights for Outdoors

Westinghouse solar light for outdoor coverage
Westinghouse Solar Light

Best illuminating solar lights for the outdoor area. It is best for security purpose along with a wide range of angle adjustability.

The 80 pieces of LEDs in these lights are suitable for perfect illumination over a broad range with detection of the motion along the streets, etc.

They are made up of pure aluminum making it excellent weather tolerant. One important thing is these lights have very high power batteries and a solar panel that make it do work for a long period of time.

Reasons to Buy Westinghouse Solar Light:

  • ON-OFF motion sensor
  • Long working hours
  • Aluminum made
  • Security assured
  • Broad angles of adjustability
  • High brightness

13. Solar Lights Bulb by Sengled

Sengled solar lights high brightness and bulb shaped
Sengled Solar Lights

Smartsense LED light with motion sensors by Sengled. It is waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. It is a bulb shape solar Flood Light that illuminates up to 30 feet once motion is detected.

There is no difficulty in the installation of the device, it can be installed and transformed without the extra hardware. The bulb can work up to 25000 hours and illuminate for about 90 seconds after detected motion.

Reasons to Buy Sengled Solar Lights:

  • Lightweight
  • Extra illumination
  • Durable
  • Longlasting
  • Wirelessly mountable

14. Hard Wired Solar Lights by Woods

woods solar light with best warranty
Woods Solar Flood Light

Woods hardwired LED light for outdoor purposes is a very good product with photocell light protector. The photocells are automatic, turns off during day time. This lightweight device can be easily fixed with high-end fluorescence.

Moreover, it is made up of pure metal and is capable of various illumination by fluorescence, halogen lamps with security assurance.

Reasons to Buy Woods Solar Flood Light:

  • Eye control protected
  • Pure metal made
  • Automatic difference between dawn and dusk
  • Variety in bulb
  • Weatherproof

15. BAXIA Technology Solar Power Lights

4 packages solar flood light by BAXIA technology
Solar Flood Light by BAXIA Technology

Solar flood lights are suitable for the outdoor region with end security assurance and wireless properties. It is designed with no dim mode so that the illumination remains constant.

Within 3-5 meters when motion is detected it automatically turns on for safety and security. Further, the light contains 28 LEDs for bright illumination and adjustability up to 120 degrees.

It is highly efficient and eco-friendly.

Reasons to Buy Solar Flood Light by BAXIA Technology:

  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Efficient
  • Bright illumination
  • Adjustable angles
  • Far motion detectors

Solar Flood Lights – An Ecofriendly Trend

With the advancements in the field of technology, one thing that is getting much attention, demand, and publicity is solar technology. Increased electricity bills and high cost of living has forced the people to choose that way of living that is more recyclable, renewable and cost-friendly.

However, in that area, one thing that is getting famous is the solar flood lights that not only cuts the electricity bill but helps to improve the security of the back foot areas. Whether a compound, school, park installing these lights will assure the security of the place.

It might have the initial cost set up high, but later on, when they are operational without the cost, it balances all of the investments. To sum up, in this article, we will cover the details of all possible solar flood lights available in the market.

Benefits of Solar Flood Lights

The benefits of solar flood lights are as follows:

  1. Clear Visibility
  2. Remove Hiding Places by Illuminating the Whole Area
  3. Recognition of Individuals from Far Distances
  4. Assist Security Cameras
  5. Increase in Business and Employment

1. Clear Visibility:

The light is specifically designed with the motion detectors. The lights are operational all night and ensure security through detectors. Further, the lights consume less energy as they are only fast-acting when there is motion, it is detected and the brighter lights are on to see the suspected individual and make it visible. Consequently, the detectors in the lights don’t detect everything for example animals but it is always set within a range to notice objects.

2. Remove Hiding Places by Illuminating the Whole Area:

These lights have the ability to enlighten the whole area thus decreasing the chances of any criminal activity. In addition to, most of the criminal activity is alongside pedestrian walks in the hiding places, but because of its high brightening power, these areas are not shadowed, so one can walk freely and the crime rate will be less in that region.

3. Recognition of Individuals From Far Distances

These lights are far better than the ordinary lamps as the illumination is very close to daylight, so it allows better recognition of the individuals.

This will aid if there are any security issues prevailing in a particular area.

4. Assist Security Cameras

It helps the security camera’s mounted in different areas. The solar flood lights have the ability to be adjusted from low to high brightness. For security camera’s the low brightness is ok to help the camera, but when there is motion detected, the brightness changes from low to high for the clear visibility of the individuals.

Moreover, the camera and solar flood lights can even be combined in the same unit for better work and assurance of the security.

5. Increase in Business and Employment

Due to the bright area and the best security people in the area feel more protective and don’t hesitate to work at night as well. Pedestrian traffic increases as people have a sense of more safety and security.

The customer traffic also increases as people return to that area because of a safe and sound place. To sum up, the employees itself feel relieved to work extra as there will be no issue in returning to home late from work.

To sum up, solar flood lights provide security to all the people in the surroundings with no electricity bill.

Conclusion – Which Solar Flood Light Are You Buying Now?

In this Ultimate Guide on the Best Solar Flood Lights, we have gone in the specifics of around 15 Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights for you so that you can make your buying decision easier.

Which Solar Flood Light have you decided to buy? Which one are you considering right now?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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