Earth Day Tips to Help Nature, Protect Planet & To Celebrate Earth Day

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Before learning some Earth Day Tips, let see what Earth Day Actually Is?

Earth Day is an event on the 22nd of April every Year. Earth day is celebrated every year in order to show the love for Planet Earth. It was first celebrated in 1970 and now it has been celebrated in over 190+ countries worldwide.

Tips & Aims of Earth Day Celebration!

The purpose of the earth day is to highlight the environmental problems and take steps in order to save our planet. The Aim of Earth Day is to let every individual on Earth know about today’s issues and human activates that have an adverse effect on the environment. So that everyone is aware of problems and try to avoid those actions in order to save our planet from disasters like global warming. Celebrating the earth day in the right way means to help the upcoming generations in ways like planting trees.

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17 Earth Day Tips to Actually Help the Planet

1. Plant a Tree on the Earth Day:

Our First Earth Day Tip is to Plant a tree. The best thing you can do on the earth day is to plant a tree and care for it. Planting trees are important and heat issues, especially in urban areas, are increasing day by day, the best practice for that is to grow plants.

2. Learn about the Earth’s Environment and the factors affecting it: Be aware of the earth’s environment:

Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

We should be aware of the challenges coming in the near future due to environmental issues. As the population increases the earth is increasing rapidly. The more environmental problems are generating in the shape of Excessive Energy, plastic and food usage. More and more trees are cut down every year in comparison to their growth. Monsters of global warming are sitting on our head, and most peoples are unknown about its causes and precaution measures. So self-awareness is the first task.

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3. Spread Awareness to your dear ones.

The Third Earth Day Tip in our list is to spread awareness. Once you are aware of the problems. It’s time to spread the word. You can engage peoples in plant tree campaigns on earth day in your areas.

4. Go to an earth day event: or maybe host one at your home and invite your friends and family, it would be a get together as well.

On Earth day event this year you can invite your friends and family and let them know about the problems of the earth facing today. You can put pictures and poster in this regards. Moreover, try to engage them in planting trees.

5. Care for plants, trees, and Animals: Spend every day as an earth day.

It is not just about planting trees but also take care of the existing ones. You need to become a responsible person on this plant in order to show love. You can go out and Water the plants that are not just in your garden. Not only on the earth day but you should adopt this habit for the rest of the year. Moreover, you can show love to animals and do your best to save them. Watch the video shared below for more guidance on planting trees.

6. Feed Birds and Fishes

The animals are a part of nature’s beauty. We have to show love to the animals and do our best to feed them. You can invite birds in your rooftop or gardens by putting the feeds there. You can also go to the lake or river most near to your home.

Earth Day Tips

And feed the fishes there. Feeding fishes and birds are the acts encouraged and loved by God as well. And it also produces self-happiness by watching them eating because of you.

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7. Use more organic product.

This Earth Day Tip can change our lives altogether. We need to adopt the habit of using more organic and getting rid of inorganic. The chemicals like Pesticides and herbicides have a very adverse effect on the environment so we need to cut them off.

8. Clean up your house and neighborhood.

Cleanliness is one of the best policy. It is one of the best things to do on the occasion of earth day. We need to keep our houses and surrounding keep Clean.

9. Eat locally produces products rather than an imported one.

Try to eat more locally grown products and cut off imported ones. Because a huge amount of fuel is burnet in order to import them.

10. Grow your own vegetables in your garden.

Growing your own vegetables in your garden will not only help you to eat healthy products but also help in increasing the plants. You can grow fruits of your choice in your garden as well.

11. Try to cut off the meat and eat vegetable

Eating vegetables is more preferable because firstly killing animals is cruel and 2ndly most of the heavy industries that send meat in the market are creating a huge amount of pollution. These industries are polluting air and water.

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12. Use fewer Chemicals and more earth-friendly products to help the environment.

Earth Day Celebration Tips

Using chemicals in your house for cleaning purposes and toilet cleaning are the top water pollution causes. Try not to use dangerous chemicals and use more organic products like vinegar etc.

13. Reduce Reuse and Recycle: Adopt the three Rs in your daily life.

This 3 R’s method can reduce are major issues. And committing to adopt these on Earth day would be one of the best things. We have to reduce the usage of fuel, cans and other material that go totally waste. 2ndly we need to adopt the reuse method, you can also go for donating your old products to the needy ones instead of throwing them out. Recycling can benefit us as well as our planet. Suppose your TV is broken, now instead of throwing it out go for selling or giving it to the recycling center. One of the most important recycling product is plastic. There is a huge amount of non-usable plastic in our house it is our responsibility to give them to the recycling center. > P.S you can also make a little amount of money this way.

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14. Get rid of plastic products

We are talking about Earth Day Tips, and we are not talking about Plastic? Can’t be so!

Plastic is one of the curses to the health of this planet. The major thing that that is affecting our rivers & seas are the plastic bags. The industries that use generates and extracts a huge amount of polluting gases in the air. We cannot completely stop the usage of plastic but we can reduce it.

15. Stop the wastage of excessive electricity usage

We spent the earth in this regards. We can also adopt the same habit on earth day and stop the wastage of electricity. Use only that amount which is required.’

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16. Stop the wastage of water in your homes (save the water).

Tips on Earth Day

The water wastage is one of the things that all of us do while taking a bath, toothbrush in the morning, cleaning houses, cleaning our cars, etc. This is one of the serious issues in his era. Water crises can raise WW3. So it is our responsibility to save clean water as much as we can.

17. Stop Excessive Fuel Usage, prefer to travel more in locals, by walk & bicycle

At least for earth day, we should kick out the fuel burning. Using private vehicle is encouraged by the individual but we do not realize the effects it has on nature. We are polluting the environment for our own comfort. We need to think about it and use public transport, Or maybe travel by bicycle which is quite good for our health as well.

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