Top 75 Earth Day Slogans (out of 191) with Posters & Images 2019

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Earth Day slogans cover a wide variety of environmental issues. They are not simply limited to “Earth Day” in and of itself. Rather, they can apply to quite a few ecological and cultural issues that can be brought to everyone’s attention on this particular day. Due to their simplicity and straightforward nature, slogans are an important way to raise awareness of environmental issues on Earth Day.

Earth Day Quotes can also be termed as Earth Day Slogans because of their similarities in nature. Quotes on Earth Day are also used to communicate our thoughts and feelings to the world through short and easy words. Therefore, a whole section of short earth day quotes is added in the full article of quotes on Earth Day as well. In this article, we will be talking about the Earth Day slogans, check our article on save earth quotes for more collection of Earth Day Quotes.


Earth Day slogans are diverse and cover a vast range of climate change and environmental issues. Contrary to popular belief, Earth Day is not just limited to a single day and similarly, Earth Day slogans are not limited to Earth Day only as they apply to many environmental issues faced by humanity in the 21st century.

Earth Day Slogans

As Earth Day slogans are simple, straight-forward and short, they are very helpful in raising the awareness of the public about living green or saving the earth from environmental pollution.

Types of Earth Day Slogans 2019

We are in 2019, and many environmental issues are facing us. Therefore, there are many different kinds of Earth Day slogans which cover almost all the areas of climate change, global warming, living green and Earth Day itself.

1. Slogans for Earth Day:

The first type of earth day slogans is solely related to Earth Day. They focus on the issues highlighted particularly on the international observance of this day. In 2019, Earth Day 2019 will be held on 22nd April 2019 so these slogans for Earth Day can truly send your message across:

  1. Every Day is Earth Day
  2. Earth day: join the fight, do what’s right.
  3. Green Earth, Clean Earth

2. Earth Day Slogans on Pollution:

Another important issue related to the problems of climate change is the Pollution of every kind. Below are some slogans for Earth day which talks directly about the problems of Pollutions.

Catchy Earth Day Slogans

  1. Always Shun Earth Solution.
  2. Away From Pollution, Towards Solutions.
  3. We have a Solution, Stop Pollution.

3. Earth Day Slogans for Living Green:

So the one-step solution provided by everyone nowadays is “Going Green” or “Living Green”. These Living Green Earth Day slogans will make the meaning of going green easily understood. Use these slogans for mother earth in order to send your point across.

  1. Think Green, Keep It Clean.
  2. Green is the New Oil
  3. We are Green Team, not the Mean Team.

4. Save Earth Slogans for Kids:

It is very crucial to involve our children with causes that matter to their future. Earth Day is one of the best days to engage your children in something meaningful. These Earth Day slogans for Kids will let them know the importance of saving the earth and caring for the Mother Earth.

  1. Don’t Be Mean and Always Love Earth
  2. Give Earth a Big Chance
  3. Earth is my Favorite Candy

5. Rhyming Slogans on Save Earth

Rhymes are one of the best ways to make someone remember something. Therefore, Rhyming Earth Day Slogans can be a fun Earth Day activity as well as an excellent way to involve your kids in the cause of Earth Day and saving the planet. Below are some of the rhyming save earth slogans.

  1. Think Green, Live Green.
  2. Save our Planet, Save Ourselves.
  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

6. Earth Day Slogans for Businesses:

Businesses need to convey to their customers and their stakeholders that they are not part of the problem of climate change but rather they a part of the solution. To let them your customer knows that you really mean GREEN Business, here are some of the best Earth Day slogans for companies and businesses.

  1. It’s not an investment if it’s destroying the planet.Earth Day Slogans 2019
  2. We do Green Business
  3. Our Profit is Green

191+ Earth Day Slogans – 22 April 2019

Save Earth Slogans

10+ Best Save Earth Slogans

These best Earth Day slogans provide you with one of the most effective and simplest ways of conveying your care for planet and environment to the masses. 

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  1. Let’s Go Green To Get Our Globe Clean.
  2. Global Warming: We Have A Solution, Stop Pollution!
  3. Save The Environment, And You Will Save The Life And Future.
  4. There Is A Sufficiency In The World For Man’S Need, But Not For Man’S Greed.
  5. If Today You Will Burn Fossil Fuel Tomorrow You Might Be Fossil Under The Sea.
  6. You Can’t Change the Past but You Can Change The Future, It’s Upon You What You Want!
  7. Earth Laughs in FlowersEarth Day Slogans & Quotes
  8. We Were Born to Help the World, Not To Destroy It, Then Why We Are Destroying The Environment?
  9. Hungry And The Earth Will Serve, Thirsty And The Seas Will Water! Do You Still Want To Cut That All?
  10. Man-Made Global Warming, The Biggest Scam In The History Of Man Kind To Fulfill His Greediness? Understand This Or Nature Will Teach You!
  11. Only When The Last Tree Has Died, The Last River Has Been Poisoned, And The Last Fish Has Been Caught, Will We Realize That We Cannot Eat Money?
Earth Day Slogans 2019

11 Amazing Slogans on Earth Day 2019

In this list of fantastic slogans on Earth Day 2019, you will find some amazing slogans on earth day. Tackling the issues of environmental changes and global warming, they deal with a wide variety of saving earth issues.

  1. Clean up the earth; it’s the only home we have.
  2. Conserve the earth; it is the only one we have.
  3. Dare to be a force of Nature.
  4. Don’t be so hollow, or civilization will be swallowed.
  5. Don’t throw your future away.
  6. Earth Day every day.
  7. Earth Every Day
    Earth Day Slogans & Quotes
  8. Earth Day is our day.
  9. Earth Day isn’t just another day.
  10. Earth day: join the fight, do what’s right.
  11. Earth focus on the future.
Slogans on Environment

11 Famous Slogans on Environment

If you want to make an impact with earth day slogans the famous people have used and then you should use this list of famous earth day slogans and slogans on the Environment. 

  1. The environment needs you now.
  2. Save The Environment And You Will, Save The Life And Future.
  3. We Were Born to Help the World, Not To Destroy It, Then Why We Are Destroying The Environment?
  4. Earth is slowly dying. Save her, go green.
  5. Earth loves you. Love it back.
  6. Green Earth. Clean Earth.
  7. Need money for my family in the rainforest.

  8. Help save the planet.
  9. I love the earth.
  10. Ignore it and it will go away.
  11. It’s our world, take care of it.
Catchy Earth Day Slogans

15 Catchy Earth Day Slogans

If you want to catch the attention of people to make an impact related to Earth Day causes, then these 14 Catch Earth Day slogans are perfect for you on this earth day 2019. 

  1. It’s the only Earth we got.
  2. Join the race to make the world a better place.
  3. Keep it GREEN, keep it CLEAN!
  4. Keep your Earth Clean and Green.
  5. Keep your surroundings clean to make the earth green.
  6. Look after the earth, it is the only one we have.
  7. Love earth and earth will love you!!
  8. Earth was created for all of us, not some of us.

    Environmental Earth Day Slogans
  9. Love our earth, love life.
  10. Love the earth: it’s the only one we’ve got.
  11. May the Forest be with you.
  12. Modern technology owes ecology an apology.
  13. No Dirt This Is Earth.
  14. Nurture Nature.
  15. Nurture Nature, Save Future.
Save Earth Slogans 2019

26 Best Save Earth Slogans 2019

  1. One Earth, One Chance.
  2. Plant a tree for me.
  3. Play your role.
  4. Pollution is not a solution.
  5. Protect our earth today for our children’s tomorrow.
  6. Rebirth our earth.
  7. Reuse. Recycle.
  8. Save Earth from Humans.
  9. Save energy to save our planet.
  10. Save our planet, save ourselves.
  11. Save our world, save our future.
  12. It’s not an investment if it’s destroying the planet. 
  13. Save the Earth.
  14. Save the world, save yourself.
  15. Show your love for Mother Earth.
  16. Stand up for the earth.
  17. Take part in Earth Day, and in the future, it will pay.
  18. The Earth is fine it is the people that are in trouble!
  19. The Earth: Love it or leave it.
  20. The environment needs you now.
  21. There’s No Planet B.
  22. Think green, keep it clean.
  23. Treat the earth how you want the earth to treat you.
  24. Turn off the lights before you perish.
  25. Unite and save the earth.
  26. Vote earth.
Unique Earth Day Slogans

27+ Unique Earth Day 2019 Slogans

  1. What on Earth are you doing for Earth Day?
  2. What will your children breathe?
  3. Yesterday we smoked green, today we keep it clean.
  4. Without earth, living is impossible
  5. No earth, no chance of living
  6. Either rich or poor; everyone needs abode
  7. Want to know the value of earth, think of other planets
  8. Our earth is a blessing from God
  9. There is no alternate of the earth so far
  10. Save earth to save the life
  11. When you save the earth, it saves you back.
  12. There is a difference between Ego and EcoEarth Day Slogans & Quotes
  13. Hey man! Don’t hit the earth
  14. Save the earth, it will save you in return
  15. When you conserve the earth, you conserve life!
  16. Save earth because it is the only one we have
  17. Save the earth, secure the future
  18. Saving earth can save the world
  19. Save earth…..It’s the only livable planet
  20. Serve to protect every inch of earth
  21. Save earth before it’s too late
  22. Save earth to continue the happiness
  23. No religion allows harming the earth
  24. Stop harming our planet Earth
  25. Keep our earth green and clean
  26. Don’t make earth cry, always love it
  27. For happiness on earth just love it
  28. Always shun earth pollution
Climate Change Slogans

15+ Climate Change Slogans on Earth Day 2019

  1. Raise voice against every act of harming the earth
  2. Protect the planet earth from pollution
  3. Safeguard the earth from all types of hazards
  4. Keep your Earth safe from pollution
  5. Love the planet earth to spend a happy life
  6. Educate your kids on the safety of the earth
  7. Love the earth and be happy
  8. ConserveEarth Day Slogans 2019
  9. Don’t be mean and always love the earth
  10. Always act for safer earth!
  11. Care the planet earth to simply go green.
  12. Keep standing for the love of earth!
  13. Love the planet earth forever
  14. Give the earth a big chance.
  15. Take care of the planet earth
  16. Save the Earth before it screams
Save Earth Slogans for Kids

25+ Save Earth Slogans for Kids

  1. Protect the earth for a better life
  2. Earth needs you so do take care of it
  3. Don’t brood, just love the earth
  4. I love the earth; you love the earth; who the hell are polluters
  5. It’s so easy to love the earth; so just do it
  6. You must keep the earth green, not gray.
  7. Don’t be awesome just be the lover of the earth
  8. Let’s keep our earth green.
  9. Let’s go green to get our earth safe
  10. Be amicably caretaker of the earth
  11. Smart people never hit the earth
  12. Life is nothing without planet earth
  13. Save the earth and grow fast
  14. You can’t drink oil.
    Catchy Earth Day Slogans
  15. Think green and never hit the earth
  16. Green revolution ensures the safety of the earth
  17. East or west, the earth is the only option
  18. For our kids keep saving the earth
  19. Unite to make this planet the safest one
  20. I am an earth lover. What about you?
  21. Green earth is actually a clean earth
  22. Save the earth and stay blessed
  23. Caring the earth means no one is lean
  24. Protect our planet for a Better Life
  25. Always keep our earth clean and green
  26. Go green, save the earth
  27. Don’t be mean always love the earth
  28. It’s never too late so just start saving the earth
Environmental Slogans on Earth Day

35+ Best Environmental Slogans on Earth Day 2019

  1. Never let the future of earth to become orange
  2. Being earth lover is awesome
  3. Caring the earth is mind-blowing
  4. Love earth, go green and stay clean
  5. Earth is the only livable planet so just care it
  6. Treat the Earth as your first love
  7. Let’s go green to get our earth clean
  8. Save the earth to save your future generations
  9. Your good luck lies in a safe planet
  10. Save the earth and live longer
  11. Love the earth and stay happy
  12. Love the earth and be healthy
  13. The best to plant a tree was twenty years ago; the second-best time is now. Environmental Earth Day Slogans
  14. Health is wealth; the earth is the super wealthy
  15. Don’t think just love the earth
  16. Be a caring person and save the planet earth
  17. Neither Mars nor Neptune, just planet Earth
  18. No more earth pledges; just do it
  19. Home is built by hearts; the earth was built for homes
  20. Keep the earth pollution-free
  21. Care of Earth is the most profitable deed
  22. Better earth means better tomorrow
  23. Safer the planet earth healthier the life
  24. Let us save our earth
  25. Raise awareness on earth
  26. Every Day is Earth Day
  27. We can protect the earth better together
  28. Keep planting trees to save the earth
  29. Sensitize people on importance of safe planet earth
  30. Never let anyone pollute the earth
  31. Say no to Earth pollution in every moment of your life
  32. Make the planet earth a green heaven
  33. Stop harming the planet Earth
  34. Do your share to care planet earth
  35. Yes we can make the earth green so let’s do it
  36. Serve to conserve the earth
  37. This earth is our planet so who must protect it

7+ Save Earth Slogans Posters

This is the list of some of the most beautiful and creative Earth Slogan Posters which you can use to develop an awareness about Earth day on this Earth Day 2019. These posters are cool and attractive for kids, and they can be part of many earth day activities also.

1. Drink mindfully, go for a glass of refreshing H20, and refuse the single-use plastic bottles.

Earth Day Slogans

2. We are committing suicide.

3. Make Every day Earth Day.

Earth Day Slogans

4. I love Trees. Earth Day Slogans

5. Take only pictures. Leave only footprints. Catchy Earth Day Slogans

6. There is no Planet B. So stick to Plan A, Be Ecologic.

Catchy Earth Day Slogans

7. Live gently upon this Earth.

Earth Day Slogans

10+ Earth Day 2019 Slogans with Images

1. Earth Every Day.

Earth Day Slogans & Quotes

2. Earth was created for all of us, not some of us.

Environmental Earth Day Slogans

3. The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago; the second-best time is now.

Environmental Earth Day Slogans

4. Trees are the answer. Environmental Earth Day Slogans

5. The rotation of the earth makes my day!.

Catchy Earth Day Slogans

6. Earth Laughs in Flowers. Earth Day Slogans & Quotes

7. We spend billions of dollars searching for life on other planets and trillions of dollars killing the life on this one.

Environmental Earth Day Slogans

8. It’s not an investment if it’s destroying the planet.Earth Day Slogans 2019

9. You can’t drink oil. Catchy Earth Day Slogans

10. It is horrifying that we have to fight our government to save the environment.

Earth Day Slogans 2019

11. Going to the Woods is Going Home.

Earth Day Slogans & Quotes

Final Words:

So we have included the most amazing, best and fantastic Earth Day Slogans and Saving Earth Slogans. You have also enjoyed some of the amazing Earth Day slogans with Posters and Images so that you can easily use them to engage people on Earth Day 2019

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