Earth Day Party Decorations: 5 Eco-friendly Ideas for 2023

Katharine Hayhoe
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Earth Day is the perfect time to get creative with decorations and celebrate our planet! Whether you’re planning an outdoor gathering or a virtual event, there are plenty of fun ways to make your celebration special.

From eco-friendly banners to recycled centerpieces, here’s how to create unique earth day party decorations that will wow your guests. From homemade paper flowers and garlands made from old magazines to nature-inspired table settings, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need for stylishly sustainable decor.

With these ideas, you can throw a festive bash while also doing something good for the environment. Let’s get started on creating some amazing earth day party decorations!

Earth Day Party Decorations

Eco-Friendly Banners

It’s time to get creative and kick off the Earth Day celebrations in style! With eco-friendly banners, you can make your party truly memorable.

Upcycled fabrics, green wallpapers, vibrant colors – there are so many ways to bring a little bit of nature inside for the occasion.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – designing an eye-catching banner is easy with just a few simple materials and steps.

First, choose a color palette that reflects the natural beauty of our planet. You could go for blues or greens, bright yellow sunshine hues or even purples and pinks – let your imagination take flight!

When it comes to fabric options, consider repurposing old clothes or using recycled paper products like napkins and cardboard boxes as decor.

For extra pizzazz, use stencils to give your banners unique shapes and patterns. Or if you’re feeling really crafty, why not try making some 3D decorations out of upcycled objects?

The possibilities are endless! So while this Earth Day may look different than usual without large gatherings allowed due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can still make it special with beautiful eco-friendly decorations that will last long after the festivities have ended.

Recycled Centerpieces

Creating centerpieces for an Earth Day party is a great way to add some eco-friendly flair. Upcycled vases are the perfect accessory, as they’re made from recycled materials and can be embellished with items such as organic paint or beads.

Plant potting is also a wonderful option; consider planting herbs or wildflowers in terracotta pots that have been decorated with twine or fabric scraps. The options for decorative accents are endless – think outside of the box!

Create your own mini planter boxes by taping together cardboard milk cartons, then fill them with soil and top off with succulents or other types of plants. Add colorful ribbons around candle holders to give them a festive touch.

Or, if you’re feeling crafty, make decorations out of paper mache or yarn ball garlands. No matter what type of statement piece you decide on, remember that it’s all about repurposing everyday items into something special.

By using upcycled materials and incorporating plant potting ideas into your centerpiece designs, you’ll be sure to create one-of-a-kind decor that will help bring your Earth Day celebration to life!

Homemade Paper Flowers

Now that you’ve got your recycled centerpieces sorted, why not take the DIY approach and make some paper flowers for a truly unique touch? Crafting upcycled bouquets from paper is an easy way to bring vibrancy to any space. With just a few materials and some time, you can create stunning arrangements of handmade blooms.

Let’s get started!

Gather your supplies: sheets of plain or coloured paper, scissors, glue sticks, pipe cleaners (or floral wire), acrylic paint (optional), natural dyes such as beets juice or turmeric powder (optional).

Arrange the petals into small circles and attach them together with pipe cleaner stems or floral wire. You could even use old newspaper and magazines to give the flowers a vintage look. If desired, add a pop of colour by painting each flower in acrylic paints or using natural dyes like beet juice or turmeric powder.

Finally, arrange your blossoms into beautiful upcycled bouquets and display them around your home – perfect for bringing joy to any Earth Day party celebration!

Magazine Garlands

One creative way to decorate your Earth Day party is with magazine garlands. Upcycled artwork can be used to create beautiful and colorful displays that will draw the eye of guests. Use old magazines, paper maps, or newspapers; cut out shapes like circles, stars, flowers, and more. Then string them up around the party space in a variety of colors.

Create smaller pieces for window sills or tabletops – they’ll look amazing when lit by candles!

Biodegradable streamers are also great for sprucing up your Earth Day decorations. These eco-friendly materials come in vibrant hues and unique shapes so you can set just the right atmosphere for your gathering. Hang them from ceilings or doorways and let their beauty shine! You could even pair them with balloons for an extra splash of fun color.

For a truly special touch, combine these two ideas together: hang upcycled artwork along biodegradable streamer strings to form intricate designs throughout your space. This combination will bring life to any room while demonstrating respect for our environment.

No matter what type of decorations you choose, make sure it’s all sustainable and mindful!

Nature-Inspired Table Settings

Transitioning from magazine garlands to nature-inspired table settings, you can take your earth day party decorations up a notch and add some special touches that will make your guests feel like they are truly celebrating the beauty of nature. Incorporate biodegradable plates, upcycled napkins, and other natural elements for an eco-friendly tablescape!

Here are five creative ideas to get started:

  • Use pinecones as place cards or name tags – write each guest’s name on one with a permanent marker.
  • Place small succulents in vintage tins or mason jars as centerpieces.
  • Forgo paper napkins in favor of cloth ones made of organic materials such as cotton or hemp.
  • Decorate with beeswax candles instead of traditional paraffin-based ones.
  • Line trays and platters with leaves or petals for added color and texture.

By adding these simple touches, you can create a beautiful atmosphere while being mindful of the environment. Letting nature inspire your decorations allows you to give back to our planet even at your own home celebration!


It’s time to wrap up your Earth Day party decorations.

There’s no better way to show off your commitment to the environment than with fun, eco-friendly decorations.

I’m sure your guests will be stunned by the creativity and thoughtfulness you put into making each decoration special.

As they walk away with their goodie bags of homemade paper flowers and magazine garlands, they’ll feel a sense of nostalgia – like they just stepped back in time – for having attended such an incredible event!