Earth Day Games For Kindergarten: 5 Game Ideas for 2023

Katharine Hayhoe
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Earth day is an important event for all ages, but especially for our youngest learners. Celebrating with earth day games can be a great way to get young kids excited about the environment and sustainability!

Kindergarteners are especially well-suited to these activities because they’re eager to learn and explore.

From matching games that teach environmental concepts to outdoor scavenger hunts, there’s something fun and educational here for everyone!

Let’s take a look at some of the best earth day games designed just for kindergarteners.


Matching Games

Earth Day is a great opportunity to engage young learners in activities that promote awareness and appreciation of our planet. Matching games are perfect for kindergarteners as they allow them to practice their observational skills while having fun.

One exciting matching game for Earth Day is plant sorting. Gather various plants from your garden or local park and have children match each one with its name on an accompanying card. This activity encourages children to pay attention to details, making it great for improving memory recall!

Bug hunting can also be a blast for kindergarteners on Earth Day! Ask the kids to search around outside for bugs and then help them sort through their findings by color, size, etc. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this hands-on learning experience; even adults will enjoy looking at all the different types of bugs!

These two matching games are just some of many ways you can celebrate Earth Day with young students. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, there’s no limit to what kind of educational fun you can create!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts are the perfect way to get your kindergartener’s excited about Earth Day! They’ll be absolutely delighted as they embark on a garden discovery and bug exploration mission.

Your little ones will love searching for all sorts of hidden treasures – from colorful butterflies to brightly-colored flowers and everything in between. With a specially prepared list, kids can find clues that lead them around their backyard or even down the street for an exciting adventure of sightseeing and nature appreciation.

But these scavenger hunts aren’t just fun – they’re educational too! You can create custom lists based on what you want your children to learn during their outdoor experience, such as learning about different plant species or discovering the various types of insects that live in your area.

By helping them hone their observation skills and encouraging them to ask questions while outdoors, you’ll help instill in your child lasting values like environmental stewardship and respect for nature.

So don’t wait – grab some paper and pencils, set up a few boundaries, and let those eager minds explore! It’s sure to be an enriching activity full of surprises guaranteed to make this Earth Day one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Recycling Relay

Let’s get started on our recycling relay!

First, we’ll collect recyclable items like plastic bottles, paper and cans.

Then it’s time to sort them into groups. We can separate the cans from the bottles, and the paper from the plastic.

After that, we’ll think of ways to reuse these materials. We can turn the plastic bottles into plant pots and the paper into art projects!

Let’s see how creative we can be!

Collecting Recyclables

It’s time to get excited about Earth Day games!

This fun ‘Recycling Relay’ game is perfect for kindergartners and will teach them an important lesson in sustainability.

The aim of this game is simple: the kids must collect as many recyclables as possible before their opponents do, making sure that they sort them into the correct categories.

To make things more interesting, you can bring upcycling crafts into the mix too! Have some supplies ready so that each team can turn their collected items into something new. For example, water bottles could be made into planters or bird feeders with a few decorations – it’s great fun and helps create awareness of how everyday objects can be reused.

Once the teams have gathered enough materials, they need to race back to a designated spot where they must put all the recycling in its right place.

The first team to finish sorting correctly wins! Kids are sure to love this exciting challenge while learning valuable lessons about looking after our planet.

Sorting Items

After the teams have gathered their recyclables, it’s time to start sorting them into different categories. This is where role-playing comes in! Have each team assign a leader who can explain the importance of reducing waste and how we should be recycling things correctly.

By doing this, kids will learn firsthand why these practices are so important for our planet – plus they’ll have fun too! To make sure that everyone is on board with sorting items properly, you can also introduce friendly competition between groups by seeing which team can sort the most items faster.

Kids are likely to enjoy the challenge and take pride in knowing that they’re helping out in some way. With all these activities combined, kids won’t just understand why Earth Day matters: they’ll also gain an appreciation for nature and its resources while having lots of fun playing games together.

Reusing Materials

Now that we’ve talked about sorting recyclables, let’s move on to reusing materials. This part of the Recycling Relay is a great way for kids to understand how upcycling works and why it’s important.

By teaching them different ways to reuse materials, they’ll be able to reduce waste and help our planet in their own unique way! To make this activity fun, you can have teams come up with creative ideas for upcycling items like glass jars or plastic bottles into something useful – like planters or piggy banks.

Not only will these activities encourage kids to think creatively but also give them an appreciation for repurposing everyday items instead of just throwing them away. It’s amazing what kind of things you can create using simple household objects!

In addition, having games like ‘Guess What I Made’ where teams take turns guessing each other’s creations is sure to bring lots of laughter and excitement.

Build A Home For A Wild Animal

Building a home for a wild animal is an exciting way to celebrate Earth Day with your kindergarten class! With the right materials and guidance, it can be easy to build habitats that help wildlife in their natural environment.

First, your group should decide which type of habitat they would like to create. Consider what types of animals live in the area or research different types of native plants.

Once you have decided on a plan, gather supplies such as dirt, rocks, woodchips, leaves, and twigs. Place these items into the container you have chosen and decorate it with colorful ribbons or flowers!

Using tracking tools like binoculars or magnifying glasses will help students understand how animals move around their new home. You can even set up cameras to watch wildlife from afar!

This activity offers many opportunities for kids to learn about protecting nature while having fun at the same time. Encourage them to think critically about why it’s important to protect our planet’s precious resources.

End by reminding them that creating homes for wild animals is just one small action we can take every day to make sure future generations inherit a healthy world filled with diverse wildlife habitats.

Create A Nature Collage

Now that we have built a home for wild animals, let’s create a nature collage!

This fun activity allows us to explore the beauty of the outdoors and appreciate the bounty of nature.

To begin our adventure in creating a nature collage, we can start by taking a leisurely stroll around our neighborhood or local park. As we take in all of the sights and sounds, keep an eye out for interesting items such as colorful leaves, stones, feathers and other natural objects.

Gather these items together into your own personal collection for your nature painting. If you are feeling adventurous, perhaps bring along binoculars to go bird watching on your walk – who knows what kind of feathered friends you might come across?

Once you’ve collected enough materials, it is time to put them together like pieces of artful puzzle. Arrange them however you like onto paper or canvas to form your very own unique nature collage.

Get creative with it; use different colors and shapes or try combining multiple layers to make a 3-D effect – the possibilities are endless! When finished, step back and admire the beautiful artwork you have created from Mother Nature’s marvels.


Earth day is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about the environment and how they can help protect it.

Through engaging activities such as matching games, outdoor scavenger hunts, recycling relays, building homes for wild animals, and creating nature collages, kindergarteners will have fun learning about ways to preserve the planet.

For instance, when participating in a recycling relay game, kids can be tasked with sorting items into three categories: paper, plastic, and metal/glass. This exercise helps them understand why we recycle and its importance to our natural resources while also having lots of fun running around!

By including earth-friendly activities like these on Earth Day, kindergartners will leave feeling inspired to make positive changes that benefit their communities and our world.