Earth Day Decorations Ideas: 5 Sustainable Things in 2023

Katharine Hayhoe
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As Earth Day approaches, it’s a great opportunity to show off your eco-friendly side with decorations that celebrate the planet.

Whether you’re hosting an event or just looking for ways to spruce up your home and garden, there are plenty of creative ideas out there!

From easy DIY projects to store-bought options, we’ve got some inspiring earth day decoration ideas that will help make your celebration extra special.

Let’s dive in and get started!

Earth Day Decorations Ideas

Recycled Decorations

The beauty of nature is undeniable. With Earth Day just around the corner, why not celebrate with some recycled decorations?

Reclaimed fabric and reused paper can be used to create lovely pieces that will brighten your home or office space while also helping to reduce waste. From wall art made out of old newspaper clippings or repurposed fabric scraps, to wreaths created from recycled paper products; these are all great ways to honor Mother Nature in style. The possibilities for creativity are endless when it comes to upcycling materials into something new and beautiful.

Plus, you’ll save money by not having to buy new items! A clever way to give a nod towards sustainability this Earth Day is by making decorations out of everyday objects like wine corks, empty milk jugs, and mason jars. Not only can these serve as decorative pieces but they can also be filled with snacks or potted plants for an extra special touch.

So go ahead and get creative – show the world how much you care about preserving our planet!

Eco-Friendly Garlands

Creating environmentally-friendly garlands for Earth Day is an excellent way to celebrate the holiday in style. Sustainable crafts are becoming increasingly popular as people strive toward a greener lifestyle, and creating your own decorations with biodegradable materials can be fun and easy.

Here are five items you’ll need to make eco-friendly garlands:

  • Biodegradable yarn
  • Reusable string or twine
  • Eco-friendly fabric scraps
  • Natural crafting glue
  • Recycled paper beads or other adornments

Using these materials, you can make beautiful garlands that will last through multiple celebrations!

If you’re looking for something more permanent, consider using sustainable wood pieces strung together on reusable twine. You could even paint the wooden pieces if you want something extra special!

Finally, you can add accents to your garlands by adding dried flowers or herbs, colorful leaves, pinecones, feathers – whatever natural elements suit your fancy. With so many possibilities available when making eco-friendly garlands, there’s no limit to what kind of creative designs you can come up with this Earth Day!

Plant Decorations

Hanging plants are a great way to add a bit of life to your home for Earth Day. They can be hung from the ceiling or walls, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Window planters are another great way to bring in some green and add a bit of color to any room. They can be a great way to showcase some of your favorite plants.

Indoor gardens are a great way to bring a bit of nature indoors. They can range from small herb gardens to larger, more elaborate gardens. With a little creativity, you can create a beautiful and functional indoor garden that will be the perfect addition to your home.

Plant decorations are a great way to show your appreciation for the planet on Earth Day. From hanging plants to window planters to indoor gardens, there are so many ways to bring some extra life and color into your home.

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a great way to add an earth-friendly flair to any space for Earth Day. From flower baskets and terrariums, there’s something for everyone when it comes to hanging plant decorations!

One of the best things about these types of decorations is that they look amazing both indoors and outdoors. Plus, with many different sizes available, you can find something that fits into whatever space you’re decorating.

For those looking to make a statement on Earth Day, consider creating a unique terrarium or hanging basket full of colorful flowers. You could even use succulents in your design if you want something more low maintenance. Either way, incorporating various colors and textures will give your decoration its own personal touch. And since the plants themselves come in all shapes and sizes, you can create some truly eye catching pieces that wow your guests!

When it comes to putting together your hanging plant decoration, there are plenty of creative options at your disposal. Take advantage of natural materials like driftwood or macrame string as part of the design – this will help bring out the beauty of the plants while also helping them stay secure. With just a bit of effort, you’ll have a stunning piece ready to show off on Earth Day!

Window Planters

If you’re looking for a creative way to bring some greenery into your space, why not try out window planters? These are perfect for any room in the house and can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on walls.

Whether it’s herbs, succulents, or flowers, these hanging baskets will definitely give your home an extra touch of life! And if you want something with even more impact, consider installing a vertical garden – this is sure to make an impression with its cascading plants and vines.

Installing window planters is easier than it looks and doesn’t take too long either. All you need are a few tools like drill bits and screws as well as hardware that suits your wall material.

You’ll also need to decide what kind of container you prefer – there’s a variety available ranging from traditional flower pots to modern geometric shapes so pick one that best fits your style.

Finally, don’t forget to get soil and fertilizers specifically suited to whatever plants you choose – this will ensure they grow healthy and strong in their new environment.

With all these elements put together, you can create beautiful living works of art right inside your own home! Window planters allow us to connect nature with our indoor spaces no matter how small or large we have them – making Earth Day decorations even more meaningful every year.

Indoor Gardens

Window planters are a great way to bring some greenery into your home, but if you’re looking for something more substantial, why not try creating an indoor garden?

Vertical gardens and terrariums can be installed on walls or hung from the ceiling and they look stunning. Not only do they add color and life to any room in the house, but they also help purify the air as well – perfect for those who want to make their Earth Day decorations meaningful!

Setting up these gardens doesn’t require too much effort either. All you need is some soil and fertilizer suitable for whatever plants you choose, plus tools such as drill bits and screws depending on where you’d like to mount them. You could even get creative with it by using different shapes of containers that fit your style – there’s no limit when it comes to expressing yourself through nature!

With all this taken care of, you’ll have a lush paradise right inside your own home. Whether it’s herbs, succulents or flowers, having an indoor garden will give your space an extra touch of life that everyone around you will appreciate.

So go ahead and start decorating today – your Earth Day celebrations will thank you later!

Solar Light Decorations

When it comes to Earth Day decorations, solar-powered art and DIY lanterns are high on the list of must-haves. For a truly unique way to show your commitment to sustainability, nothing beats these two options!

Solar powered art is an easy and inexpensive way to bring some added beauty and creativity into any outdoor space. From abstract shapes made from recycled materials to intricate mosaics that capture light in all its glory – there’s no limit when it comes to what you can create with this renewable energy source. Plus, you’ll be helping out Mother Nature as well by reducing your carbon footprint.

DIY lanterns provide both practical lighting solutions and creative expression at the same time. With just a few simple supplies such as mason jars or tin cans, some twine or ribbon, colored tissue paper and fairy lights – you can make beautiful illuminated centerpieces for your table or hang them around the garden for an enchanting night effect. Not only are they perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any event but they also help reduce waste since most of their components can be reused afterwards.

No matter which decoration route you choose, rest assured that your efforts will add personality and charm to any celebration while also making a positive contribution towards preserving our planet’s resources.

So get creative and join us in celebrating Earth Day with style!

Upcycled Crafts

Upcycled crafts are a great way to celebrate Earth Day! From green gift wrap to paper planting pots, there is an abundance of creative ways you can upcycle everyday items and turn them into something special.

Creating your own unique decorations with recycled materials not only celebrates the environment but also saves money.

Green gift wrap is easy to make using newspaper or magazine pages, which can be cut into strips, folded together in different shapes, and adorned with ribbons or fabric scraps. You can even take it one step further by adding scented flowers or herbs for a fragrant touch.

Paper planting pots are another fun craft that uses old magazines and newspapers. Simply roll up several pieces of paper into tube-like shapes, secure each end with tape, then fill them with soil and seeds of your choice!

Place the paper pots on windowsills or balconies where they will get plenty of sunlight as they grow. It’s a simple yet rewarding project that allows you to watch nature unfold right before your eyes while also reducing waste at home.

Final Thoughts on Earth Day Decorations Ideas

Earth day decorations are a great way to show your commitment to the environment, and there’s no shortage of ideas out there.

With recycled materials, eco-friendly garlands, plant decorations and solar light decorations you can make any space look beautiful whilst showing your support for our planet.

And for those of us who love crafting – upcycling is an excellent way to create unique pieces with minimal environmental impact.

So why not get creative this earth day? Get inspired by these ideas and let your imagination take over!

Show everyone that it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to do something special for the planet we all share – just use a little creativity and care.

After all, we only have one Earth – let’s celebrate it properly!