Celebrate Earth Day | 40+ Earth Day Celebrations Ideas in 2019

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Earth Day Celebrations takes place every year on 22nd April around the Globe. What are some of the best yet different ways to celebrate earth day? Read further to get enlightened!

Earth Day Celebrations Ideas – Ultimate List

Earth Day is observed around the globe to highlight environmental issues such as global warming, air & water pollution, over-population and many other threats which we are facing as human species. In this article, we are going to explore some of the most fun, meaningful and creative ways to celebrate earth day 2019.

Let’s get started!

Recycle Everything!

There are billions of plastic material products which are used annually without recycling. These products only increase the severity of environmental problems, therefore, we need to start Earth Day Celebrations right here.

According to statistics, the US consumes around 50 billion plastic bottles every year. These bottles go directly to landfills, sea and everywhere they DO NOT belong!.

Earth Day Celebrations - Recycle

Therefore, one of the most meaningful way to celebrate earth day is to start using products which are recyclable or start recycling the products which we are using.

Here are a few things which you can consider for recycling:

  1. Water Bottle
  2. Plastic Products
  3. Bags (School Bags, Hand Bags etc)
  4. Disposable Plates and Cups
  5. Cardboard
  6. Books & Shredded Papers

Start Composting!

Composting can be another great start for earth day celebrations because our planet is one of the best recyclers of the universe. Everything that the earth grows can be re-used in many different ways.

Composting does not have to be difficult and time-consuming. All you have to do is to create an area which you can dedicate as the compost spot. It can be in your backyard and compose whenever required.

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If you are living in the city, then make sure to collect all the compostable materials like vegetables, fruits, and other scraps in a recyclable bag and dump it at a composting plant when full!

Isn’t it an easy and meaningful way to celebrate earth day?

Plant! Plant! Plant!

If you are really looking for making the true impact and playing your role in fighting environmental issues then celebrate your earth day by planting.

You can plant a garden in your backyard or you can also encourage your friends, family & neighbors to start a small garden in your community so that everyone can participate and enjoy the fresh air and fruits of mother earth!.

Planting is also an excellent outdoor activity on earth day for all ages. You can involve your kids in earth day celebrations as well!

Protect the Trees!

If you think that planting will require a great amount of time and effort, then you can at least take some steps to protect the trees around you.

You see, trees are the lungs of our planet yet we so mercilessly chop them off. According to the shocking Earth Day Facts, One and a half acres of forest is cut down every second.

Therefore, we all need to protect the trees which can be protected.

Earth Day Celebrations - Plant

You can start by raising awareness around the importance of trees and the negative impact of chopping them off in your community, organization or even at your school.

You can also build some protective boundaries around young plants in your community, or at least you can start by watering them after or before you go for work!.

Don’t Drive, Let it sit in the Garage

Cars are one of the biggest sources of carbon emission which is damaging our planet. Therefore, to celebrate earth day one of the best things you should do to at least let your engine sit in the garage on Earth day 2019.

But will it be enough for just one day?

You are right, it won’t be enough. So instead of just thinking that it won’t matter, think what WILL matter!. Promise yourself to take out the car only when absolutely necessary. Otherwise, walk or take the metro!

Reduce Waste – As Much As You Can

Earth Day celebrations can mean something only when we truly do something for the long term rather than just celebrating the Earth for a day and them go back to our previous lifestyles.

Earth Day Celebrations - Reduce Waste

If we are truly serious about changing climate change and making this world a better place, we need to reduce our waste. There are several ways in which you can reduce waste in your life. Some of them are:

  1. Recycling
  2. Earth-Friendly Cleaning Products
  3. Home-Made Crafts and Toys
  4. Donate used Items
  5. Composting

Do You have ‘E-Waste’?

The EPA and similar organizations propose that electronic waste (computer, radio, speakers etc) are some of the items which are not recycled like other non-electric items.

But the problem is that almost all of us have at least a few items of electronic waste in our homes.

This earth day, let’s take time to deal with these items in a proper manner which is suitable for electric items.

Do Yoga with Nature

Yoga is a wonderful exercise to physically & mentally compose yourself. If you do yoga regularly, then this way of celebrating earth day is for you.

All you have to do is to ask your yoga teacher or guide to conduct the session on 22nd April 2019 outdoor. This way, all of you will do yoga with nature in a natural environment with fresh air.

You will be saving a lot of electricity as well.

Another advantage of Yoga with Nature is that you will feel a deeper bond and connection with mother earth.

Celebrate Earth Day with Coffee

Earth Day Celebrations need not be a one-time activity. If you take coffee daily then you can easily celebrate it throughout the year.

Think of investing in a reusable coffee cup which you don’t have to dispose of every day to add up in the dirt pile.

Earth Day Celebrations - Coffee

In this way, you will be saving at least 5 cups a week and around 300 cups a year.

It seems tiny, but it matters a lot.

Be Conscious about Appliances

We all have lots of electric appliances (bulbs, fridge, a.c, t.v etc) which we use rather carelessly. This leads to increased energy consumption which leads to more pollution.

To celebrate earth day, practice using these appliances consciously.

Use them only when you are actually ‘using’ them. Otherwise, try to turn them off. Also, make an effort to develop this into a daily habit.

Grow Your Own Food

Our world is dominated by factory farms, which lacks care, dedication, and bond with the earth. They are just focused on making profits.

One method of Earth Day Celebration can be learning to plant our own food or actually trying to grow our own organic and healthy food.

This way to celebrate is bound to make you and your tummy happy.

Harness the Solar Power

One of the most damaging activity we are doing to harm the earth is our production & consumption of energy.

We increase alarming amounts of smoke and other pollutants in the air only through our methods of producing electric energy and consuming it recklessly.

To celebrate Earth Day 2019, think about going solar. You don’t have to convert all appliances of your house to solar energy but even doing so only for one or two devices will save you lots of money and will reduce the pressure on the mainstream grid.

Earth Day Celebrations in School

A school is one of the best places to celebrate Earth Day because where else can you gather such a large amount of kids nowadays?

In this list of Earth Day celebrations, you can simply pick any method listed below and use that celebrate Earth Day 2019 in your school with your classmates and even with your teachers.

Earth Day Celebrations - School

If you are a teacher, then we have good news for you. We have made several interesting and engaging resources on Earth Day for Kids so that you can use them to engage your students in various Earth Day activities in the classroom to teach them about the importance of this day and what it entails.

Here is a list of some resources on Earth Day Celebrations For Kids:

1. Use this collection of Videos to Celebrate Earth Day in School: 7 Absolute Best Earth Day Videos for Students and Adults in 2019

2. Use this Earth Day Poems to Celebrate Earth Day in Your school by letting the students select and then recite their favorite Earth Day Poems:  23+ Earth Day Poems for Kids, Schools & Adults

3. Celebrate Earth Day in School by using this resource on Earth Day Quiz:47+ Highly Engaging Earth Day Quiz Questions – 2019

Earth Day Celebrations at Work or Office

Are you looking for some ways to celebrate Earth Day at work? Look no further because you have landed on the right place.

In this collection of easy and simple methods for Earth Day Celebrations, we have listed some of the easiest and quickest methods of celebrating earth day at work.

You can simply select any of the Earth Day celebrations method below to Celebrate Earth Day 2017 at Work with your colleagues and even with your boss.

If you are a boss or manager at the company, you can use below-mentioned
resources to Celebrate Earth Day at Work:

Earth Day Celebrations - Office

1. Use this list of Earth Day Facts to challenge your employees or subordinates in a fun way to celebrate Earth Day at Work: 105+ Earth Day Facts You Need to Know in 2019

2. If your office or work culture allows, you can use these Earth Day Slogans to celebrate Earth Day at Work by chanting these slogans in fun and witty manner:  Top 75 Earth Day Slogans (out of 191) with Posters & Images 2019

3. Celebrate Earth Day at Work by sharing these Earth Day Quotes with your team and discussing the favorite ones: 75+ Powerful Earth Day Quotes You Must Read in 2019

4.Select any of these Highly Engaging Earth Day Activities for Offices to Celebrate Earth Day 2017 at Work:  75+ Highly Engaging Activities for Earth Day 2017 (25th March)

Go Out in Nature

Do you know why we are trying so hard to save this planet? Because of it so beautiful.

One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is by actually making time to appreciate the beauty of our planet.

All we have to do is to go out anywhere in nature and observe all the beautiful colors, flowers and the fresh air around us.

All of these things are worth saving!

The World is Waiting for You!

It’s ironic for me to say this, but I am going to say this anyway. Celebrating Earth is not about reading methods of Earth Day celebrations online and being glued to the screen, it is about going out and experiencing the Earth itself.

Go have a walk in a park, climb a hill, complete a trek, or simply go out and experience the world around you.

Make sure that you celebrate Earth Day by being close to nature than your usual routine. The world is waiting for you, go out and meet her.

Conserve Water

Water is one of the essential element for life to exist on this planet. You might also be aware of the shortage of water around the world!

Therefore, try to conserve as much water as you can on Earth Day 2019 and beyond.

You don’t HAVE to shower daily!

Update Your Environmental Knowledge

It is imperative to know the important things about the environment in which we live. Whether you live in a city where there is no greenery or you live near farms and trees, you should learn as much about your environment as you can.

Furthermore, you can celebrate Earth Day 2019 by reading and/or be watching videos about trees, your favorite animals, and the beautiful water.

Earth Day Celebrations - Trees

You can learn about climate change and ponder on what you can do to stop it. Learn about the species which are under serious threat in your area or country.

Learn whatever, just make sure you include learning about the environment in your Earth Day celebrations.

Pay Electrically & Skip Paper

Trees are the lungs of the earth. Unfortunately, we are losing A LOT of them!

But in this day and age, you can skip paper in many places because of the sophisticated technology.

As papers are the major reason for cutting down trees, you can begin your earth day celebrations by making a habit of paying online throughout your life.

Volunteer Your self, time and money!

There are a lot of good organizations and institutes working for the Earth Day cause. To celebrate earth day, you can make it a point to volunteer to any of these organizations.

Simply search ‘organizations working on environmental issues’ and select the one which interests you the most.

You might come across some amazing people trying to do some amazing work.

How Old are Your LightBulbs?

Lightbulbs are among the electric devices which are used a lot. We tend to take them for granted.

If your light bulbs are based on old technology which consumes a lot more energy then you can simply update them to the latest technology to actually celebrate the earth day.

This way, you will save a lot of money as well.

Take Care of Others

Earth Day celebrations shouldn’t be just limited to you. There are many others who should be included in your Earth Day celebrations. Take care of the plants, animals, and plants near you and celebrate Earth day 2019 with them.

  • Welcome animals in your yard, feed them, spend time with them.
  • Plant some trees in your yard or community garden and take care of them throughout the year.
  • Go visit a tree and learn about it, see what you can do to make it live longer and healthier.

Say No to Bottled Water!

We talked about having a re-useable water bottle as one of the ways of celebrating earth day. Another way of celebrating the earth is saying no to the bottled water.

You see, bottled water is sold in plastic bottles which are harmful to our planet because they literally take millions of years to decompose (if they ever do).

Therefore, if you can take an alternative to use bottled water then make sure that you do!

Join the other Species

One of the beauties of our world is the beautiful eco-system it contains.

This eco-system reminds us that we are part of something big, that we belong to something.

In order to celebrate earth day 2019, you can make your house (roof or backyard) a sort of guestroom for birds & other creatures.

You can install bird-houses and similar items and place some water for the animals to drink as well.

Make a Play Garden

Another great way of outdoor earth day celebration is making a play garden for the kids of your community.

In this way, kids will have a lot of fun while developing a bond with the mother earth which will help them in the future as well.

You will be making future earth warriors through this activity.

Talk to Government Representatives

Individuals can play a lot of role in fighting climate change and various types of pollution but it’s a long route.

If we want to make a big impact at a faster pace then we have to raise the issues in front of government as well.

While you are celebrating earth day, take some time out to write a letter to your local government representative highlighting one of the environmental issues in your area.

Who knows one letter can initiate a great chain of change!

Engage Your Community

We all know that fighting the monster of pollution is the collective fight. Therefore, try to engage your community in this cause to truly celebrate the spirit of earth day.

You can put together a small event, get-together or some similar local event to raise awareness about the environmental problems and to discuss their solutions.

Engage & Connect with your community on Earth Day 2019.

Consider adopting a highway

Our roads get a lot of litter and junk on them on a regular basis, and there are highways all over the country that do not have what they need when it comes to people that can clean them. Go with your work or a group of friends to take care of things.

Clean up the Highway

Hundreds of people use highways as their daily route to go about their business. These highways receive a lot of litter, garbage, and other items which increases the pollution and problem for people.

To celebrate earth day, why not we take the responsibility of cleaning highways?

Even if it is for just one day, cleaning your nearest highway will make a lot of impact as hundreds of people will see and enjoy the actual beauty of nature around them while going about their business.

Contribute to Your Local School

Local Schools are always short on effective human resources and they need help to inspire and educate their students.

Take this earth day as an opportunity to contribute to your local school by holding a seminar or a talk about the issues related to global warming, environmental pollution, depleting water reserve and more.

No off No Problem!

If there is no national holiday on earth day in your country then we have something for you as well. Ask yourself this question:

Is my workplace environmentally friendly?

Look around your office and see what things, appliances, and procedures can be made more friendly to the environment. Also, think about the things which can be recycled instead so that you can become the change agent to protect your environment in the office.

Goal Setting for Earth Year!

Utilize this earth day to set your environmental goals which you are going to pursue throughout the year. Followings are some of the goals you can make for yourself:

  1. Reducing Personal Waste
  2. Using Water Consciously
  3. Using Recyclable Products
  4. Consumer Electricity Consciously
  5. Participate in Major Environmental Events

Quick & Easy Earth Day Celebrations

Here are some of the quick and easy ways to celebrate earth day if you are short on time:

  • Picking up Garbage & Litter
  • Making a Compost Spot
  • Recycling Stuff at Home or School
  • Turn off the Water while brushing
  • Leaving the Car in Garage & Using Public Transport
  • Using low-energy lights
  • Planting Trees
  • Make a Bird-Feeder at your Roof
  • Start an Indoor Garden (or rooftop Garden)
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Celebrations of Earth Day Around the World

People around the world celebrate earth day in different ways. We are going to share some of the unique and/or important events around the world on earth day celebrations.

This can inspire you or even a group of people to hold or arrange similar events in your own country on the national level.

Earth Day Celebrations in New York City

New York City celebrates Earth Day by bringing together 70+ organizations for one event which is supported by the Earth Day Initiative and a social shopping app Kargoe!.

Kargoe supports and encourages social responsibility and sustainability in order to fight environmental issues.

Earth Day Celebrations in London

For the celebrations of Earth Day people arranged a concert with the name of ‘The Hive’ in 2017.

At least Seven Brands performed at the event for raising funds for different British charities aiming to fight climate change and global warming. The concert also featured various other activities such as yoga, dance, etc.

Earth Day Parade in Columbia

British Columbians organizes Earth Day Parade every year since 2000. It takes place in Vancouver on Earth Day every year.

It includes various educational talks and speeches as well as different earth day activities for spreading the much-needed awareness.

Earth Day Celebrations in Tokyo, Japan

In Tokyo, Earth Day is a two-day celebration, this year on April 22 and 23 in Yoyogi Park. Around 100,000 visitors are expected to enjoy family activities and learn about businesses that use sustainable methods and materials and organizations that promote environmental protection. There will also be plenty of vegetarian food and music from socially conscious entertainers. Admission is free.

An Interesting Earth Day Fact is that Japan observes two days for Earth Day instead of just one 22nd April.

In Tokyo, Japan they celebrate a two-day event at Yoyogi Park which attracts around 100,000 attendees with families to enjoy various earth day activities and to learn about sustainable means and practices to save the environment.

Science March Celebrations on Earth Day in the United States

Earth Day Celebrations in the United States

The United States celebrates earth day everywhere with lots of activities. But the most prominent among them is titled as ‘March for Science’ which takes place in the capital, Washington D.C.

This event is also celebrated around the world at 400+ locations.

Scientists and people who are interested in science will march to advocate for improving government policies and protection of eth environment. This march is also supported by many organizations including Earth Day Network.

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