Earth Day 2019 in America – How America Celebrates Earth Day

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The Different Waste and recycling companies and organizations throughout the world are interested in celebrating the earth day on the 22nd of April this year.

Different waste management companies are focused to reduce the complete wastage garbage that they have to throw into the open land. And are preferring to encourage more recycle-able products.


Here are some of the examples that waste management industries are doing on the earth day:

Habitat for Humanity – Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day in America - Celebrations 2019

Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store has organized the earth day event. At Their Event the residents can give their useless products for recycling, the items list includes: batteries, expired fire extinguishers, expired flare, gently used books, DVDs, CDs, cell phones, eyeglasses, sunglasses, gently worn shoes, prescription drugs, and printer cartridges. Their purpose of this event is to promote recycling more and more. So that the garbage wastage load could be reduced from the world and things get recycle more.

Recycle Across America – Earth Day 2019

Earth Day in America - Celebrations 2019

Recycle Across America (RRA) is the waste management company in America. It is a Non-profit Recycle across America (RRA) introduces society-wide standardized. RRA Receives Bank of America Grant to Create Standardized Recycling Labels. They have made a standardized labeling system for recycling bins which has a different system of throwing cans, compostable, glass & plastic. They organize one of two earth day events on the 21 and 22 April in order to promote the recycling to the world.

Advance Disposal – Recycling & Earth Day

Advance Disposal: It is a Committee that promotes green activities in the region. They are hosting and supporting different earth day events this year. They have arranged events to spread recycling awareness and give tips to the peoples for recycling purposes. They have prepared a wrist band in which seed is put, Peoples can take out the seed and plant a tree in the open land. These seeds will bloom into more than 63,000 annual and perennial wildflowers. This way planting a tree on the earth day event is promoted and recycling awareness is also spread.

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TerraCycle Celebrating Earth Day – Earth Day 2019

Earth Day in America - Celebrations 2019

TerraCycle and Tom’s of Maine: These are the two different organizational groups which have collaborated in order to spread the awareness about the (hashtag Less Waste Challenge). They have also launched a website in which they have given tips and other recycling amazing projects that peoples can look at and get benefit from it. As they are the American organization, they have prepared a map on which peoples can pledge and pound and see the details.

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