Earth Day Books For Toddlers: Inspiring Ideas of 2023

Katharine Hayhoe
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Earth Day is an important event to celebrate, and it can be fun for toddlers too! There are so many amazing books that talk about the importance of taking care of our planet.

As a children’s book author/editor specializing in Earth Day books for toddlers, I’m here to share some great titles with you.

From stories about recycling and conserving nature, to hands-on activities and crafts, these books will engage your little one while teaching them valuable lessons about protecting our environment.

Let’s explore some wonderful reads together!

Earth Day Books For Toddlers

Picture Books

It’s time to get back to nature! With Earth Day upon us, what better way to celebrate than with a collection of books that explore the beauty and wonder of our planet?

From nature walks through lush forests to discovering animal habitats near and far, these delightful tales are sure to capture the imaginations of even the littlest learners.

Take your toddlers on an adventure with ‘Gigi Goes Green: A Tale of Pollution Prevention’ by author Lauren Ullrich. This heartwarming story follows Gigi as she learns about taking care of her environment – from planting trees in her backyard to picking up trash at the beach.

Kids will love following along as Gigi discovers all sorts of ways they can help make their world a greener place.

For something a bit more magical, try out ‘The Moon Seeker: An Earth Day Story’ by illustrator Jill McDonald. In this whimsical tale, young readers explore the wonders of nature alongside some very special animals who take them on a journey around the world.

As they learn about different cultures and creatures, kids also discover how important it is to protect and preserve our planet for generations to come. It’s truly a captivating read that won’t soon be forgotten!

Activity Books

Activity books about Earth Day for toddlers are an excellent way to introduce the concepts of sustainable living and recycling habits. Not only can these activities be fun, but they also help promote environmental awareness by allowing children to explore their world in a meaningful and interactive way.

Activities such as drawing pictures with recycled materials or creating art from items found in nature offer kids the opportunity to learn more about sustainability and taking care of our planet.

Outdoor scavenger hunts that encourage kids to identify leaves, plants, bugs, and other natural elements provide a great introduction into outdoor exploration while reinforcing respect for nature.

Additionally, puzzles and mazes featuring animals or eco-friendly themes can help young minds develop problem solving skills while learning how to protect wildlife habitats.

These activity books give parents and caregivers the chance to teach toddlers important lessons on preserving resources through hands-on experiences that will stay with them long after they turn the last page.

With simple illustrations and age-appropriate text, these books serve as an accessible gateway into life’s most essential values – respecting our environment!

Crafts And Projects

Creating green art is a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day with toddlers!

To get started, here’s a list of eco-friendly supplies:

  1. Recycled paper and cardstock
  2. Water-based paint products
  3. Natural materials like leaves and twigs

With these items in hand, you can make all sorts of fun projects for the day.

Have your toddler draw on recycled paper or create their own collage from natural materials – they’re sure to have an amazing time crafting something special!

Toys made from sustainable materials are also great options; there are so many different types available now that will spark your child’s imagination while still respecting the environment.

On Earth Day, it’s important to remind our little ones about the importance of taking care of our planet.

Encouraging them to explore nature through creative activities is a great way to start this journey – what better way to show love for Mother Nature than making beautiful green art together?

Poetry And Songs

Now that we’ve explored some fun crafts and projects, let’s try something a little different.

Poetry and songs are great ways to learn about the world around us, specifically for Earth Day! Exploring nature through creative forms can be really enjoyable. We can use poetry or music to explore our environment in new and exciting ways.

Reducing waste is an important part of preserving our planet. By writing poems or creating songs related to Earth Day, children will become more aware of how their actions affect their surroundings. They’ll also develop a better understanding of why it is essential to protect this beautiful planet of ours. Additionally, they may even come up with more creative approaches for reducing their own carbon footprint!

Earth Day doesn’t have to just be about learning facts and figures – creativity should definitely play a role too! With these activities, kids can express themselves while gaining valuable knowledge on environmental awareness at the same time.

Who knows? Maybe your toddler will write the next hit song celebrating Mother Nature!

Environmental Education Books

Oh, how wonderful it is to explore the world around us! On Earth Day, there’s no better way for toddlers to learn about our amazing planet than with a fun and educational books.

Take your little one on a nature walk and discover sustainable habits that can help protect all of the creatures big and small who call this lovely earth their home.

From harvesting rainwater in a barrel to starting compost piles or even growing organic vegetables, toddlers can get creative when learning (and teaching!) green practices.

What better way to celebrate our beloved earth than by adopting eco-friendly activities? Let’s show our appreciation for Mother Nature together – young minds will have so much fun discovering just what makes her so special.

We don’t need any fancy gadgets or gizmos either – reading these Earth Day books is an excellent way for youngsters to understand why protecting our environment should be at the top of everyone’s list.

Get ready to take some exciting leaps into sustainability!


At the end of Earth Day, our little ones can look back and behold all that they have accomplished!

From reading stories about bugs to learning songs about nature, children will find joy in discovering more about the planet we share.

With these books and activities, toddlers can explore their own creativity while also deepening their understanding of caring for our environment.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to celebrating Earth Day with your toddler.

Let’s help them foster a love and appreciation for the world around us so that together we can create a better future.

Happy reading and happy Earth Day!