Earth Day Books For Middle School: 5 Reads of 2023

Katharine Hayhoe
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Earth Day is an important day for people of all ages to learn about and appreciate our planet. Middle schoolers can get a head start on understanding the environment by reading books that focus on sustainable living, climate change, and other environmental issues.

Reading these stories can help young readers develop empathy for their natural surroundings and make meaningful connections with others who share similar values.

In this article, we will look at some of the best earth day books for middle schoolers available today. These titles are sure to inspire kids to think more deeply about the effects of human activity on the planet and how they can take action in their own lives to protect it.

Earth Day Books For Middle School

The Lorax’ By Dr. Seuss

The Lorax, written by the legendary Dr. Seuss, is a timeless classic that has inspired generations to become more aware of our environment and its precious resources.

This book paints an exaggerated picture of how human activity can have dire consequences on nature if we don’t take the necessary steps towards eco-friendly practices. The story follows the Once-ler as he recklessly exploits his surroundings for profit while leaving behind irreversible environmental damage.

As the tale progresses, readers are exposed to a series of vivid visuals that illustrate just how devastating unchecked industrialization can be when it comes to forests and wildlife habitats. This imagery is powerful because it puts into perspective what kind of destruction would happen if humans continued down such a path without taking any actions for sustainability or conservation.

It serves as a reminder about why being conscious about our environmental impact is so important in order to protect future generations from similar harm.

At its core, The Lorax offers valuable lessons in understanding how interconnected all living things are with one another and their natural habitat, something middle schoolers should understand at this age. Through reading this book they will gain insights on eco friendly practices like upcycling materials instead of discarding them carelessly, reducing waste where possible, conserving energy through simple everyday activities, etc., and learn that these small changes can make a big difference in preserving the delicate balance between us and our planet Earth.

The Wizard Of Earthsea’ By Ursula K. Le Guin

The Wizard of Earthsea, by Ursula K. Le Guin is an excellent book for middle school aged children to learn about environmental stewardship and climate change.

The story follows a young wizard called Ged as he navigates his way through the lands of Earthsea learning powerful magic along the way.

Through this journey, Ged begins to understand that everything in nature must be respected properly if it’s going to stay healthy and safe from destruction.

He learns how to use the power of magic responsibly, instead of carelessly exploiting natural resources without thought or consideration for the consequences.

This classic tale also serves as a wonderful reminder that we each have a responsibility to serve as stewards of our environment so that future generations can enjoy its beauty and benefits too.

By taking steps like reducing waste, conserving energy, protecting species at risk, and limiting carbon emissions we can create more sustainable lifestyles for ourselves now and help ensure better outcomes later on down the road.

Ged’s adventures remind us all that when it comes to preserving our planet there are no shortcuts – only hard work and dedication will do – but with these qualities in hand it’s possible to make real changes towards creating healthier communities both domestically and abroad.

We must remember that ultimately we’re all connected; what affects one person has repercussions far beyond their own backyard.

So let’s take charge today and start making positive impacts right away!

The Great Kapok Tree’ By Lynne Cherry

Having just finished exploring the depths of Earthsea with The Wizard of Earthsea, it is time to delve into a different world and explore the environment in an entirely new way.

While Ursula K. Le Guin’s classic is all about personal growth and magical exploration, Lynne Cherry’s The Great Kapok Tree takes readers on a journey that focuses on environmental impact and climate change.

The story follows a man who sets out to chop down a huge kapok tree deep in the Amazon rainforest without any regard for its inhabitants or their home. As he chops away at the trunk, animals from birds to fish appear one-by-one, each begging him not to cut down their beloved home. He soon realizes how his actions will have far-reaching consequences—not only on these creatures but also on himself and our planet as a whole.

Through her engaging narrative, Cherry beautifully illustrates the interconnectedness between humans, nature, and the entire ecosystem–revealing why we must take action now against climate change if we want to protect our world’s future generations.

This powerful tale encourages us to think more deeply about our environment and reminds us of our responsibility towards protecting it for ourselves and those around us.

The Tree Lady’ By H. Joseph Hopkins

The Tree Lady, written by H. Joseph Hopkins is a perfect book for middle schoolers to learn about environmental responsibility and conservation education.

It tells the true story of Katie Haycock and her fight against deforestation in San Diego County during the 1950s.

The reader follows Katie as she rallies support from local citizens who had become aware of the problem due to increasing media coverage.

Katie’s efforts eventually led to California passing its first laws regulating timber harvesting and protecting old growth forests.

This was an incredible achievement given that many believed it was impossible to pass any kind of law regarding natural resource protection at that time.

What made this even more remarkable was that Katie was just a housewife with no political or scientific background, yet she managed to rally enough public opinion to get these laws passed!

In addition, readers can gain valuable insight into what it takes to bring about real change in terms of environmental sustainability and conservation education.

Through Katie’s tireless work, we see how important grassroots activism is when attempting to make a difference on such important issues.

We also come away with a greater appreciation for selfless individuals like Katie who devote their lives towards making our world a better place through responsible use of natural resources and preservation of our environment.

A Cool Drink Of Water’ By Barbara Kerley

A Cool Drink of Water by Barbara Kerley is a story that emphasizes the importance of water conservation and reducing our ecological footprints. As humans, we often take for granted the precious resources around us – including clean drinking water.

In this book, readers are encouraged to use their voice and take action in ensuring access to safe drinking water across the world. The narrative takes readers on an engaging journey through time, culture, and geography as it looks at how different societies have adapted to using and conserving fresh water over centuries.

Drawing upon historical examples from various parts of the globe, A Cool Drink of Water paints a vivid picture of how people’s lives depend on having access to clean and abundant sources of water. Through its clear message about environmental stewardship, this book offers a powerful tool for teachers looking to educate students on global water issues.

By introducing young readers to inspiring stories about individuals who make a difference in conserving their local watersheds or helping those far away gain access to potable water, A Cool Drink of Water makes each reader part of something larger than themselves; empowering them with knowledge so they can become active citizens protecting our planet’s most fundamental resource: water.


It’s important to encourage middle schoolers to be environmentally conscious, and Earth Day books are a great way to do so.

From ‘The Lorax’ by Dr. Seuss to ‘A Cool Drink of Water’ by Barbara Kerley, there is something for everyone.

Reading these stories will spark conversations about the importance of taking care of our planet, which is ‘as easy as pie’ if we all work together!

These books help children learn valuable lessons about our environment in an entertaining way that resonates with them.

If we can begin teaching kids early on how to appreciate nature, it could lead to positive changes for generations to come.

Let’s give young minds the tools they need to make a difference today!