Earth Day Art Projects For Kindergarten: 5 Ideas for 2023

Katharine Hayhoe
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Happy Earth Day!

This is a special time of year when we can celebrate the amazing planet we live on. We all know that taking care of our planet and teaching kids how to be environmentally conscious are important.

That’s why I’m so excited to share some fun earth day art projects for kindergarteners – they’ll have a great time while learning about nature, conservation, and sustainability too!

These activities are perfect for kindergartners in the classroom or at home with the family. They’re easy enough to do by themselves but can also be done as a group project if you’ve got multiple kids who want to join in.

Plus, these crafty creations will help your students understand the importance of protecting our natural resources and preserving the environment for generations to come.

Earth Day Art Projects For Kindergarten

Recycled Collages

Earth Day is a perfect time to create sustainable, reusable pieces of artwork that celebrates our planet.

Through upcycled crafts and projects, children can make unique creations that embody the spirit of Earth Day!

Symbolically speaking, when we use recycled materials to craft something new it’s like giving our planet a hug – a way of saying thanks for all she provides us.

Reusable artwork gives kids an easy way to engage with their environment in a visual manner; one that allows them to express themselves creatively and take pride in their work as they learn about sustainability.

This kind of project teaches kids from a young age how important it is to protect and care for nature.

It also encourages resourcefulness by helping them think creatively about what kinds of objects can be used in place of traditional art supplies.

The possibilities are endless and so much fun!

Nature Mobile

Making a nature mobile is one of the most exciting and educational Earth Day art projects for kindergarten! Starting off, students can plant seeds in small pots or cups.

As they watch their plants grow throughout the season, they’ll be filled with wonder and awe at how the tiny seed has become something much bigger. Of course, it’s important to explain to them why we’re planting these seeds too – that way, kids learn about our environment and its importance from an early age.

Next comes the fun part: painting! Kids will love getting creative as they paint leaves, flowers, trees and more onto paper plates. You can even give each student three different colors so that they can create a rainbow effect on their plate.

Each child should also get some string or yarn to attach their design to their pot when finished. When all the pieces are together (pots full of seeds plus painted plates), hang them up in your classroom or school hallway.

This makes a gorgeous display that celebrates life itself and brings awareness around Earth Day’s message of sustainability!

Earth Day Wreath

We all know that the Earth needs some extra love and care. One great way to do this is by celebrating Earth Day!

What better way to create a colorful reminder of our respect for nature than with an upcycling wreath? It’s easy, fun, and kids will be excited about making something special for their home or classroom.

To make your own Earth Day wreath masterpiece, you’ll need some paint rocks and other recycled materials like paper towel rolls or egg cartons. Have the children use these items to construct a base in whatever shape they desire – it could be round, square, heart-shaped, or any other design they can think of!

Once the base is complete, have them start painting their rocks in different colors to create beautiful pieces of art. Finally, attach the painted rocks on the wreath structure using glue or tape to finish off your crafty creation.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creative upcycling crafts like this one – so take advantage of Earth Day festivities and get ready for lots of messy fun!

Paper Plate Earth

Creating a paper plate Earth is an easy and fun way to celebrate Earth Day with kindergarteners. To get started, you’ll need one paper plate per child, tempera paint in several colors, brushes or sponges, scissors, glue sticks and a recycling bin.

First have the children use their brush or sponge to paint sections of their paper plates with different colored paints. Ask them to think about how they want to show the differences between land and water on their Earths.

Once the painting is complete allow time for it to dry before cutting out continents from the painted plates. It’s also possible to add details like trees or plants by having each student create a plant painting on another piece of cardboard that can then be cut out and glued onto their earths.

When all artwork has been completed help your students gather up any materials left over and place them into the recycling bin. This way everyone can learn about reducing waste while creating something beautiful!

Earth Day Puppet Show

Now let’s move on to our Earth Day Puppet Show! Puppets are a great way for kindergarteners to learn about the environment and have fun while doing so. With your help, they can make puppets out of recycled materials like paper cups or old socks. You can also encourage them to use things straight from nature such as leaves, twigs, and even stones.

Once their puppets are ready, it is time for some environmental games! Planting seeds in small pots will get kids excited about growing plants and seeing how much they’ve grown by the end of the day. It is also important that we discuss why this activity is meaningful: children will understand more about caring for the planet if they take part in activities related to planting and nurturing new life.

At the end of a successful Earth Day Art Project session, kindergartners should be able to feel proud of what they have achieved while learning something new at the same time.

They may also feel inspired to continue making an effort towards preserving our environment through simple acts such as recycling or using less water when washing their hands.


As a kindergarten art teacher and earth day educator, I’m so proud of how my students have embraced Earth Day projects! It’s been amazing to see the creative ways they’ve come up with to express themselves.

For example, one student made a beautiful wreath using natural materials from around the yard – pinecones, flowers, leaves and twigs.

Another student created an eye-catching paper plate earth filled with colorful images of animals and plants.

And finally, we all enjoyed watching their puppet show about protecting our planet.

With these activities, my students learned that even small efforts can make a big difference in preserving our environment!