Earth Day Art For Toddlers: 5 Inspiring Ideas of 2023

Katharine Hayhoe
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Earth Day is a wonderful time to teach young children about the importance of protecting our planet.

This year, get your toddlers involved in making art that celebrates and honors Mother Nature!

With just a few simple materials, you can create fun projects that will give your little ones an opportunity to express their love for the environment.

From recycled material collages to nature-inspired paintings, there are endless ways to engage with earth day art activities.

Read on to find out how you can make this special day memorable for your toddler and help them understand why we should protect our natural resources.


Recycled Material Collages

Recycled material collages are a great way to get toddlers involved with Earth Day art. It’s creative, upcycling at its best! Plus it’s an opportunity for children to express themselves while learning about our planet and the importance of conservation.

Gather cardboard boxes from around your house, cut them into different shapes, and let kids paint or color the pieces however they want.

After that, have them arrange their own unique sculptures on posterboard or cardstock. To add texture and depth to the project, you can also include materials like packing peanuts, plastic straws, newspaper strips, paper towel rolls…the possibilities are endless!

Earth Day is a wonderful time of year to encourage little ones to be imaginative and explore their creativity. Let them use this special day as inspiration for recycled material collage projects – not only will it help foster their imagination but teach them how important it is to take care of our environment too!

Nature-Inspired Paintings

Creating nature-inspired paintings with toddlers is an excellent way to celebrate Earth Day. It can be done both indoors and out, depending on the weather and available resources. Painting techniques such as using sponges, fingers, or even a brush are all great options for young children to explore their creativity in this activity.

Outdoor activities like gathering natural objects from around the yard (like leaves and petals) that can then be used as painting tools or part of the artwork itself. This provides kids with the opportunity to engage more deeply with nature while producing art by collecting items they find interesting or beautiful. In addition, it helps create an awareness of our environment which is especially important when celebrating Earth Day.

Toddlers will also have fun exploring different textures of paint – thick versus thin, smooth versus bumpy! Allowing them to experiment freely with these elements encourages creative expression and develops fine motor skills as well.

Watching their joy at creating something unique brings immense satisfaction and offers plenty of teaching moments along the way too.

Leaf Rubbings

Earth Day is an important day for young children to learn about the environment and how they can help protect it. To encourage learning and creativity in toddlers, crafting art with natural materials is a great way to teach them appreciation of their surroundings.

Leaf rubbings are a fun activity that allows kids to make connections between nature and art: 39% of parents report that their child has more respect for nature after engaging in activities like leaf rubbings on Earth Day.

To participate in this crafty outdoor exploration, all you need are leaves and some crayons! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A variety of different sized leaves
  • Crayons in various colors
  • Heavy paper or cardstock

Let your little ones pick out which leaves they want to use first. Show them how to place the selected leaf onto the paper and secure it by tracing around its edges with a crayon. Then have them fill in the area inside the outline of the leaf—they will be amazed at how each one turns out differently depending on its shape, size, texture, etc!

Explain to them why these details matter when making earth day art from nature; as they work, talk about things like sustainability, conservation, and protecting our planet’s resources.

Leaf rubbing is such an easy activity that even very young toddlers can enjoy creating unique works of art while learning valuable lessons. With simple supplies and minimal setup time required, it’s an activity that busy families can incorporate into any Earth Day celebration without taking away too much time from other festivities.

So grab those leaves and get ready for some creative outdoor exploration!

Nature Mandalas

Creating Mandalas with Nature Objects is a great way to introduce toddlers to the beauty of the natural world.

By gathering natural objects like leaves and stones, and arranging them in a circular pattern, toddlers can explore the shapes, textures, and colors of the natural world.

Appreciating the Natural World with Mandalas helps to foster respect and admiration for the environment.

Through art, toddlers can express their love for nature and develop a sense of responsibility for the planet.

Exploring Mandalas with Toddlers is a fun way to explore the outdoors and discover the magic of nature.

With the help of an adult, toddlers can explore the wonders of nature and create beautiful art pieces that both inspire and delight.

Creating Mandalas With Nature Objects

Creating a nature mandala with your toddler is an activity that can be enjoyed by both of you!

Gathering natural objects like leaves, twigs and stones will not only help you connect with the environment but also create beautiful artwork.

Start off by using their hands to make prints on paper or fabric; this could be done with mud, paint or even sand art.

Once they’re finished making their natural prints, arrange them in different shapes and sizes around a central point for the mandala.

Finally, watch as your little one proudly admires their creation – it’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Appreciating The Natural World With Mandalas

Once you and your toddler have created their nature mandala, the next step is to appreciate it!

Taking a moment to admire the colors, shapes and textures of each natural object will help them develop an appreciation for nature.

Allow your little one to explore their creation further by pointing out different elements or even having them explain what they like best about it. For example, a leaf might be interesting because of its unique shape or color.

This can also be a great opportunity for eco-friendly activities such as outdoor exploration; look around for more items that could add to your artwork.

Not only does this give young minds exposure to new experiences but it helps build important skills like observation and environmental awareness.

There’s no doubt that creating and appreciating these works of art will leave lasting memories in both you and your child’s mind – so don’t forget to take pictures!

Exploring Mandalas With Toddlers

Now that you and your toddler have created their nature mandala, it’s time to explore!

Exploring the outdoors with toddlers is a great way to build important skills like observation and environmental awareness.

Edible art can be fun too – search for different types of edibles such as flowers or berries and incorporate them into their artwork. This will help spark their creativity while also teaching them about which plants are edible and why they should never eat something without first checking with an adult.

Outdoor exploration also allows children to gain new experiences in nature; look around for more items like stones, leaves, feathers, etc., that could add beauty to your work of art.

There’s no doubt these activities will create lasting memories for both parents and children alike – so don’t forget to take lots of pictures along the way!

Upcycled Crafts

Upcycled crafts are a great way to celebrate Earth Day with toddlers. These craft ideas help children learn the importance of reusing and repurposing materials, while creating something unique and special for them to keep or give away.

Encourage your toddler’s creativity by gathering supplies from around the home, such as empty boxes, bottle caps, paper towel rolls and more! With just these simple items you can create fun projects like flower potting or homemade bird feeders.

Adding composting activities is also an easy way for young ones to explore their green thumb side – why not try planting a few seeds together?

Earth Day art doesn’t have to be complicated – all that matters is that it celebrates our planet in an imaginative and meaningful way. Whether it’s painting recycled containers or using nature-inspired colors on paper art projects, there are so many ways to make eco-friendly creations with your toddler this holiday season.

Have fun making memories that will last long after April 22nd has passed!

Final Thoughts on Earth Day Art For Toddlers

Earth Day is a special time for toddlers to express their creativity and appreciation for the natural world.

Through art, they can explore different mediums and forms of self-expression that will help them develop an understanding of nature’s beauty.

Every project may look differently, but all have one thing in common: they bring joy to children, while teaching them about the importance of taking care of our environment.

It’s my hope that by providing these Earth Day activities for our little ones, we are helping create a better tomorrow – one filled with hope, love and respect for Mother Nature.