Earth Day Activities – 75+ Highly Engaging Activities for Earth Day 2019

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Earth Day 2019 is here and you are looking for the Earth Day activities, right? Well, you are exactly in the right place because we made one of the best and long lists of Earth Day Activities 2019 which are highly engaging and fun in their nature.

This list of Earth Day activities includes Earth Day activities for adults, kids, children, schools, offices and home.

We also have a good list of Amazing Earth Day outdoor activities because getting outdoors and experiencing the mother Earth-nurturing for you can be one of the best Earth Day experience you can have.

Let’s Get Started now.

75+ Highly Engaging Earth Day Activities – 2019 Updated

Adopt a Plant
Plants are a complete living being, adapting them is not only beneficial for the environment and the earth but it is also very rewarding for us humans in all sorts of ways. Adopting a plant will also improve the air quality of your room. Learn about the uses and benefits of having indoor plants in order to take maximum benefit and enjoyment out of this Earth Day activity.

Feed the Birds
How Can You Experience Earth Day In Your School? Feed the birds Feeding a bird is really a beautiful experience. When the small little bird sits on your hand and eats the food with its beak, it makes you realize that you connected and interdependent we all are. Also, this Earth Day activity will bring you and your children/students closer to animals. They can also learn and implement the concept of recycling by making some bird feeders out of bottles and cartons. In short, this earth day activity for students and children is a holistic one. 

Battle Energy Vampires
What Can I Do on Earth Day? Answer is to Battle Energy Vampires We remain oblivious of all the electronics and appliances which are left on consuming energy in our homes and classrooms, even when not in use. So, this earth day activity is an amazing opportunity to switch off these appliances and reduce (and even eliminate) the energy wastage. Put some engaging reminders to reap the year-long benefit of this earth day activity for classrooms. 

Plan a Garden Bed
You know why the Earth Day was organized in April? Because of the Spring. It’s the perfect time for us to realize the benefit of gardening and planting. This amazing activity on Earth Day allows you to grow healthy, nutritious and delicious food on your own by starting a beautiful garden bed in your backyard or even in your community. 

Earth Day Activities for Adults – Significance of Earth Day

Earth Day Activities for Adults will provide the much-needed shift in mindset required to reverse the climate damage which we are causing as adults through our lifestyle choices.

Earth Day 2019 is just around the corner and this collection of top three Earth Day Activities for Adults will give you the insights, ideas & inspiration for incorporating environmentally friendly activities into your lifestyle and thinking as well.

Cleaning, Organizing & Donating Your Closet
 Clean Out Your Closet and Donate to a Charity – Many people are unaware of the fact that manufacturing new clothing item consumes a lot of precious and limited resources like water.

In this Earth Day activity for adults, you favor yourself by de-cluttering your wardrobe and then donating your lightly used clothes to your local charity.

This beneficial indoor Earth Day activity will not only help other people, but it will also help you in organizing your wardrobe and instilling a more conscious approach towards buying and using clothes.

Earth Day 2019 is the best opportunity for you take stock of your clothes and everything that you have stored in your closet.

You will be surprised by seeing just how much of these things you have bought and never used. Take stock of these items and see if you need to clean them or organize them in a better way.

Try also to keep in mind that there are many items which are fresh, like-new and 100% useable for many people in your surrounding, therefore, think of donating or gifting these items to your friends or needy people in the community.

This Earth Day Activity of cleaning the closet will allow many adults to reconsider their spending habits as well. We tend to impulse buy a lot of things which we do not need and become a part in damaging the earth and environment through waste and unutilized resources. 

Indoor Activity for Adults on Earth Day 2019

Write a Letter to Your Government Representative
 The first Earth Day was held by a US Senator, Gaylord Nelson, from Wisconsin. So why not remind your government representative that senators and government people do have a very big role to play for the up keeping and maintenance of our planet Earth. This Indoor Earth Day activity can inspire an influential government representative and bring a lot of change in your community. Why wait? Write your letter now. 

Sit, Think!
 This Earth Day Activity as an Adult does not require any item or expense on your part. But it requires you to use your mind and to asses your heart & soul to see the importance of your role in this intricate and beautiful ecosystem of the world.

All you have to do in this Indoor Earth Day Activity for Adults is just take a pen and paper and sit in a quiet, comfortable place. 

Earth Day Activity for Lifestyle Changes
Start thinking of how much we as humans take and consume of planet Earth. The fresh air, the sunlight, the vegetable and fruits. Everything!.

Next, think about how much you are giving in exchange for all these services rendered by the planet Earth?

The third and final step in this exercise is trying to close or minimize the gap which you have just found in your receiving and in your giving.

Make a firm promise with yourself that from today onwards, you are going to be the part of the solution instead of being a part of the problem.! 

Outdoor Earth Day Activities for Adults in 2019

Earth Day Activities for Adults and that too for outdoors are really a great means to establish our connection with planet Earth and to take care of it as well.

There are many outdoor earth day activities for Adults which you can adopt but we are going to focus on one and only one activity for adults to adopt on Earth Day 2019 below because we really know the importance and value of this Earth Day Activity.

Plant a Tree
You may have heard about this Earth Day activity many times, but there is a reason why everyone advises activists and people about the importance of planting trees.

Our planet is facing the serious threat of Global Warming and similar problems, one of the best in tackling these challenges is simply planting more trees.

Use this Earth Day as an opportunity to plant trees in your backyard, garden, and community and contribute back to mother earth with this communal Earth Day activity.

If you are serious about fighting climate change and making this earth a better, greener place to live then you must play your part in planting as many trees as you can.

Trees are what provides us the fresh air to breathe and pleasant sight of green. Trees help stabilize our environment and play a defensive role against floods and other natural calamities.

Therefore, use Earth Day 2019 as the opportunity not only to campaigning but actually planting the trees in your locality & neighborhood.

You can also involve your kids (if you have any) or the kids of your immediate family in order to provide an interesting Earth Day Activity for Kids so that they can learn the importance of ‘green’ in context of Earth Day 2019. 

Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day Activities for Kids is one of the best ways to teach our next generation about the important environmental concepts such as reusing, recycling and being Eco-friendly.

We have collected some of the best, meaningful & most engaging activities for Kids which you can adopt on this Earth Day 2019.

In this collection of Earth Day Activities for Young Kids, we are going to share many practical, easy-to-execute and meaningful activities for Kids to help them celebrate the Earth Day 2019.

The Most Amazing Part of Earth Day Activities for kids is utilizing what you already have. This helps you to reuse items in a variety of ways and save the earth from pollution.

Earth Day Activities can also be taken out any time of the year and any time of the month, but as many of us celebrates Earth Day on 22nd April, therefore, it is one of the best times to teach kids some important lessons around this concept.

These Earth Day Projects will engage kids in hands-on activities so that they can really come out of their comfort zones and interact with the mother earth.

Natural Activity for Kids on Earth Day - Build A Bird Feeder
 Using Earth Day as an opportunity to help your children and/or students to connect with nature on a more deeper level, go out with them and build some beautiful and unique bird feeders using different recyclable materials. Below is a good YouTube Tutorial for this Outdoor Earth Day activity. 

Science Activity for Kids on Earth Day - Make A Solar Oven
 It can be very difficult and hard for you to explain the merits of renewable energy to the kids. Therefore, this Earth Day activity for children provides you an opportunity to do just that. You can get together the children and start making a solar oven. Wouldn’t you like to use natural energy to bake and make some delicious food? Check these tutorials for making a Solar Oven and using it to make some delicious eatables. Enjoy this Earth Day Activity by treating your tummy. 

Outdoor Activity for Kids on Earth Day 2019 - Throw a Green Party
 This whole big Earth is one big community including all of us. So why not use this Earth Day by simply celebrating the fact that we are alive in this beautiful planet and living together? J In this Indoor Earth Day activity, try inviting your conscious living friends and have a great, Green Party with organic foods and a healthy discussion about the well-being of our community, including the planet and all species. 

Fun Earth Day Activity for Kids - Make a Seed Bomb
 Seed Bomb Activity for Kids on Earth Day is a fun and engaging activity which lets kids enjoy their day by using old bits of papers, some seeds, and water.

This activity helps them in understanding the basic concepts of how a seed grows and how earth provides nutrients for our food to reach on our table.  You do not require many resources for this Earth Day Activity, all you need is:

  • Some Packs of Seeds
  • Two Cups of Waters
  • Bits of papers (preferably old, recycled papers)

With just these three supplies, you are good to go on making your first seed bomb on Earth Day 2019!. 

STEM Earth Day Activity for Kids 2: Science You Can Eat!
 One fact we know about kids is this: KIDS LOVE FOOD!

Therefore, we are utilizing their love of food to engage them and then to channel that love into the love for Earth, Environment & Science.

In this activity, all you need to do is to first learn about the science of something which you can eat or drink. This can be as simple as a

  • Fizzy Lemonade
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Jelly DNA
  • Sugar Crystals
  • Anything your Kid Likes to Eat!

After learning about the science of that particular food item, you simply take your kiddo into the kitchen and begin making that dish with him/her.

While making the dish, discuss various scientific aspects & earth related information about the dish to make your kid learn about Earth Day and its importance. 

Educational Earth Day Activities for Kids: Lets Learn Plastic
 Plastic is one of the most damaging things for our environment. Interestingly, there are different kinds of plastics and only a few of us know about them.

This activity for kids on Earth day is designed to let them learn about these types of plastics and how to deal with each one of them.

Basically, what you do is collect or buy different types of plastics or make some colorful plastic cups of each kind and brief your kids about them.

Now rotate and mix all these cups and then ask each child about ‘Which Plastic is Which’?

This will get them engaged and they will try to remember what you have just told them. 

Conclusion on Earth Day Activities for Kids in 2019
 Earth Day is really a great way to teach our kids about the importance of being environmentally friendly in all our affairs. Therefore, we should strive to make our kids as aware as we can possibly make in order to help them take care of the ‘home’ which we are leaving for them.

If you have any suggestion and idea about the projects & activities for Kids on Earth Day then do share within the comments section below!. 

Earth Day Activities for Schools

How can you celebrate Earth Day in your school? Well, we got the answer.

Earth Day 2019 is going to be one of the biggest Earth days ever and that is because of the efforts and dedication our teachers have put in building and raising awareness about the importance and impact of Earth Day in schools.

Earth Day Activities for schools are collected in the same spirit, to raise awareness among students about the importance of Earth Day and how they can improve their lifestyle in order to better sustain this planet.

Earth day Projects for Elementary Students and Earth Day Activities for Middle Classes are all ways of communicating the means and ways in which we can take care of this beautiful planet.

Below are some of the best Earth Day Activities for Schools in 2019

Conclusion on Earth Day Activities for Kids in 2019
Conduct an Audit – Conducting an Honest Audit of our Energy consumption in house, schools, and offices are one of the best ways of giving back to Earth. Conduct an honest review of your energy consumption habits and see where you can save energy and help the planet.

Conclusion on Earth Day Activities for Kids in 2019
Design a walkable route to school – Do you use a car for short distance traveling? This Earth Day, design a walkable route to your office or school and reduce the CO2 emission as well as improving your health through walking regularly. 
Earth Day Activities for High Schools

High Schoolers are another important audience segment for Earth Day 2019.

They are the ones who are actively consuming various products which are impacting our world environment in many ways.

Therefore, they need to understand the importance of caring for one’s planet. Earth Day activities for High Schools are the best ways to communicate this message.

Below are a few activities for high school students to conduct on Earth Day 2019.

Start a home Compost
 Use your leftovers of food and utilize them to provide rich and good fertilizer for your sustainable home garden. You can use the GEF’s gardening resources to learn everything about home compost.  

Make a plan to recycle
 Make a team of your friends, students or teachers and develop a solid plan for recycling throughout the year. Use GEF’s guidelines for recycling if you need help in making a powerful program of recycling in your home or school.  

Fix a Leak
 Do not underestimate the smallest leak in your home and fix that leak. Even a small leak can waste enormous amounts of precious water if left unattended throughout the year. This Earth Day activity is very good for busy persons as it takes very little time. 
Earth Day Activities for College Students

Earth Day Activities for College Students are even more important because college students are the main audience for the message of Earth Day.

We can various activities for college students on Earth Day by simply brainstorming the resources available at our college and then bringing them into good use.

Earth Day Activities for College Students will give you many ideas and insights into communicating the importance of being Eco-Friendly and Conscious in our lifestyle.

Calculate your transportation impact
 Calculate your CO2 emissions by using GEF’s tools and resources and then try your best to reduce the emission and impact of your transportation on the environment and health of the planet.

This Earth Day activity is best for engaging students in calculating their impact of transportation choices. 

Take a Hike
 Do you want to give your body and mind a treat at the same time doing an adventurous Earth day outdoor activity?

Take a hike and get outdoor, fill your lungs with fresh air and experience the rays of sun on your body. Develop a solid and deep bond with the planet and all the beautiful elements of it on this Earth Day 2017. It will not only develop your body but will also refresh your soul. 

Get Involved in a Community Garden
 If you are still to experience the amazing experience of getting your hands dirty in digging the Earth and planting a life, then Earth Day 2019 is the best opportunity to get down to it in an amazing Earth Day activity.

Gardening and contributing in your community garden will not only provide you with an amazing experience but will also help the garden and your wholesome food supplies. 

Do a Home Energy Audit
 We are not aware of how recklessly we are using our energy and how much dangerous it is for our planet. In this Earth Day Indoor Activity, take the time out to conduct an honest home energy Audit and then reduce the amount of energy you consume and/or waste. 

Volunteer for an Environmental Charity
There are lots of charity organizations which are sincerely working towards providing a better environment to us and our future generations. Take time out on Earth Day 2019 and volunteer for an Environmental charity organization. 
Earth Day Activities for Pre-Schoolers & Kindergarten

Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten & Pre-Schoolers will help you sow the seed of love and care for Earth right from the beginning of school years.

Keeping this in mind, we have collected three of the best & easy Earth Day Activities for Kids in Kindergarten & Pre-Schoolers to help you apply them easily on Earth Day 2019 in your school or at your home.

3 Easy Activities on Earth Day for Kindergarten & Pre-Schoolers

Kids are our future, we are going to hand this planet earth to them as their home. We have to make sure that we are giving them something worth giving so that they can remember us in good terms.

We also need to inculcate a sense of thankfulness and care for their home, Mother Earth.

Therefore, engaging kids in meaningful Earth Day Activities is one of the best ways of achieving this objective.

 Weaving Paper Plate for Earth Day 

Activity # 1 - Earth Day 2019
This activity for Earth Day is focused on helping kids develop their fine motor skills by giving them the task which involves a lot of muscle movement and hand-eye coordination.

Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten
Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten – Paper Plate

This Earth Day Activity is perfect for Kindergarten & even pre-schoolers because it involves simple tools & provides a lot of creativity to the students.

You need following items for this Earth Day Activity for Kids:

  1. Paper Plates
  2. Weaving Needles
  3. Green & Blue Yarn
  4. Scissors

Now give these items to each group of kids and help them weave a paper Plate for Earth Day 2019 like the one shown in the above image. 

Educational Earth Day Activity for Kindergarten & Pre-Schoolers

  Cleaning the Earth – Alphabets Clean Up  

Activity # 2 - Earth Day 2019
This is another super fun & cool activity for Kindergarten & Pre-Schoolers on Earth Day. This activity will help them learn the concept of ‘litter’ and the importance of cleaning it up.

Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten
Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten – Paper Crumple

All you need to execute this Earth Day Activity for Kids are these things:

  1. Two Buckets
  2. 52 Pieces of Paper
  3. Chalk
  4. Whiteboard/Greenboard

Now, the activity begins by providing the alphabets written on a piece of paper (52) with Upper Case & Lower Case division.

You will now have 26 Upper Case Alphabets & 26 lower case alphabets. Invite your kids & students to help you crumble all these paper up and throw them all around the classroom (kids will love it!)

This will create a lot of mess in the class, which will help you demonstrate the concept of ‘litter’ to your kids.

Now you will be asking students to randomly pick the pieces of paper and open it to see which letter it contains. Now they simply have to put the relevant letters in the relevant buckets.

Pretty neat, Huh! 

Fun Activities on Earth Day for Kindergarten & Pre-Schoolers

   Earth Day Hats – You are the Prince of Earth!  

Activity # 3 - Earth Day 2019
This is another amazing & empowering Earth Day Activity for Kindergarten & Pre-Schoolers. This earth day activity will help them learn the concept of Earth Stewardship and ownership of the planet they inhabit.

Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten & Pre-Schoolers
Earth Day Activities for Kindergarten – Earth Day Hats

All you need for this easy Earth Day Activity are the following items:

  1. Pieces of Papers
  2. Colors or Crayons
  3. Scissors

This Earth day activity involves creating the ‘Earth Day Caps’ from the available material and then wearing them on their head throughout the school day.

Simply cut the available papers in the shape of a cap and allow your students to draw and color something related to Earth (trees, grass, park, animals) on these hats.

Students then wear these hats as the ‘Kings’ and ‘Princess’ of the Earth throughout their school day to celebrate the Earth Day 2019. 

Conclusion - Earth Day Activities 2019

We hope that you now have some great ideas for Earth Day 2019 activities whether for school, office or home. You can use these Earth Day Activities with a twist of your own according to the needs, resources and time of your group. We have tried hard to develop an amazing resource on Earth Day activities and we would love if you share it with your friends and family. Use any social media buttons on this page to help spread the green love.

Waiting for your feedback in the comments section below.

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